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The cover of the Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brig...

The cover of the Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman single Time to say Goodbye. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just came back from a surprise birthday party for my fiend, Jane.  I don’t know whether she was really surprised or not, but the party was lovely.  And what does that have to do with the title of the blog?  Well, we sang two songs that guests had written the lyrics to and to the music of “Ain’t She Sweet” and “Come to the Cabaret“.  Then, Dick (Jane’s husband) (and yes they are Dick and Jane) made an announcement that there was one more piece of entertainment;  Jane’s daughter-in-law is an opera singer and she got up and sang “I Could Have Danced All Night“.  She is petite, blond and slender – then she sang (read belted out) ” Con Te Partirò”.  I was just blown away…. my eyes welled up with tears;  Her voice was strong and clear and I love to listen to songs sung in Italian.  Then when I came home I went through my emails and my friend, Lili sent me a video of an Italian Jewish Wedding where the Cantor sang “Con Te Partiro” – lately this kind of coincidence has been happening to me.

Many people know this song as the famous duet of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.  They have appeared together numerous times to perform this loveliest of love songs.  Did you know that Andrea introduced this song in his 1995 album Bocelli Romanza? I LOVE the song, I LOVE the words, I LOVE the music and I LOVE the language.  So in celebration of my coincidence  and just because – see all of the above, I’m posting two YOUTUBE videos: One is the Bocelli-Brightman duet and the other is a lyrical translation.  I very much want to learn to speak Italian and being able to see the words spelled out and hear them at the same time was really great.  You might also want to know what they are saying to each other!  There may be a mini ad at the beginning of the video however if you look closely it will state whether you can SKIP IT right away or show you the time count down to do so.



And here are the lyrics!



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