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Sorry this is SOoooo late but Monday just sort of slipped by.  However since the theme was Halloween Horror stories – that is very short stories,  Six Words, No More, No Less  and we still have a day or two before the spookiest day of the year, I think you all will forgive me for missing Monday!

Creepy Castle

Creepy Castle

Photo copied from http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net

1.  DARK!!! ….. can’t see a thi…. Eeeeeeeekkkkk! – Laura

2. Happy me, happy family, happy life – Lynne

3.  Squeaking door…creaking floor… Shrieking me! – Laura

4. “Who’s there”? “Nobody” said the ghost! – Me

5.  Hallow’s Eve, ghosts, goblins go begging – Me

6.  WHOoooo!! “Just me”, I whimpered quietly.

And from the online community at SMITH magazine where the challenge went out to write a horror story in six words the following are the TOP SIX entries:

6. “All alone she heard her name” —@JDGDredd1050 (via Twitter)

5. “Thought it was a costume party.” —letitshine

4. “Candy gone. Tricksters coming. Lights out.” —Amy B. (via Facebook)

3. “Wore complicated costume. Impossible to pee.” —ChewyD2

2. “Sixteen candles on an unmarked grave.” —steelponypoet

And the top entry from SixContest #38 is…

1. “No signal. Landline dead. Phone rings….” —tcube

Nest week (and I’m following the SMITH magazine schedule) – let’s try SUM YOURSELF UP IN SIX WORDS.  I don’t know whether this will be easy or hard but it ought to be interesting!!

Pretending to be me isn’t easyMe




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