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This week has been fruitful; Look what’s happening! My  readers are sending in their personal Six Word Memoirs!! Yay!

Although a bit challenging, this little writing exercise REALLY makes you think about yourself, your life, your wishes, your loves, your losses and your goals.  AND it changes weekly or more often as your mood changes and your outlook centers on yet another side of our Rubix Cube lives.

Susan, my longtime childhood friend sent me this:

Driving Infiniti-must I come back?

And from Ruby, who recently lost her mother and whose heart is heavy:

Mothered mother and back to me.

Gail, friend, and blog contributor has this to say about these past few weeks here in the Northeast:

Too hot, too sticky, too much!

Last but not least, I am honored once again by Anna of Goannatree.blogspot.com with:

Rewriting in the Scottish summer rain.

Brilliant, just brilliant – I love it!  THANK YOU THANK YOU for participating.  Let’s keep this going.

Summer is, I am, living it. by me.

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