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NO word from me for the last six days! What’s going on? Lots and nothing which all adds up to some random ramblings from the insane asylum of my mind:

Let me first go on record about my ridiculous computer – this laptop should be in the trash!  I am slowly being driven crazy by the constant Error Script messages, the slow as molasses reaction time and the worst of  all, is  the incessant freezing up.  It must have a virus because it’s making me sick.

So I have been avoiding trying to do much of anything on it.  Spent some time on Consumer Reports looking at their recommendations for purchasing  a new computer  – none of which I can afford right now!

Francesca has strep throat and the poor baby only wants to be comforted by her Mommy.  Why should she be different than all of the rest of us?  Chiara has been running to the doctor’s, dealing with Finley and the Nanny had to go home early yesterday.  I’ll be back in the City on Sunday and will help out with the girls

The sun suffered from a couple of storms and the activity caused some unbelievable displays of the Northern Lights.  I looked at the photos and I’m at the point where it makes me sad to do so.  I REALLY REALLY want to see the Aurora in person.  Every time I look into how to go, when to go, it always amounts to more money than I can manage.  I’m getting old, soon to be an official senior and I WANT to see the Aurora Borealis!

I’ve been trying to stock-up the larder at the tea room because I can’t stand all the shopping that is necessary for the menu.  I hope to deal with that issue in a month or two.

We were invited to our friend, Michele’s house this evening to have drinks and homemade foccacia and it was SO GOOD.  It was lovely visiting with Michele and Peter and their home is delightfully comfortable.  Should I mention that I had to drive home?  I’ll bet you can figure out why – I hope he has a brutal hangover tomorrow.

It’s been a busy week of restoration around here.  Peter retrieved some valuable pieces he had in storage and has been stripping, cleaning, varnishing, inspecting, and refurbishing the items for resale.  He’s been doing a bang-up job and I am upset with myself for forgetting to take the Before photo before he started the refinishing of a certain fireplace mantle.  It looks terrific!

Oh, I made scones this week; first time I ever made them all by myself.  I made 41 and thought I would have enough to get through the month…but NO, so today I made 14 more and once again after consulting the calendar, I’m still short…but I’m getting better at whipping them up.

Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska — The Aurora Bo...

Aurora Borealis

This is so boring, I should at least end it now!  Ok dear readers good night!

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