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I wonder how many of my readers have ever seen a Cormorant?  This is one big black bird, with an impressive wing span and a hooked beak.  This is NOT your ordinary backyard-feeder bird.  And in fact this is NOT your average lake/pond denizen;  no cute cuddly duckling, no elegant and graceful swan, no brilliantly-colored wood duck – THIS IS A CORMORANT.  Murray, Pbenjay’s official photographer described this photo-op like this: ” Sometimes everything magically comes together… I have always wanted to get a good photo of a Cormorant… their azure jewel eye, and rich black feathers made such a wonderful subject.  Yet they were too far, the sun too bright which made the feathers look light gray or the background just wrong.  But sometimes everything magically comes together…like today.  The moment serendipitous…and in this case dramatic.  The subject amazingly beautiful…. The subject casually poses in a variety of ways…The distance is right… The background is right…The light is right.”

Central Park sailboat pond, Murray Head/, cormorant

“I Have Arrived!”

Central Pond, duck, duckling, cormorant

“Shoo, I Want To Get On There”

cormorant, duck, duckling,

“I said ‘Move It’, Kid”


“Yeahhh That’s More Like It”

cormorant, Murray Head

“Check It Out “

cormorant, Murray Head

“I Heard What You Said”


“Paul Newman Has Nothing On Me”


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