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Completed in 1913, the awe-inspiring Beaux-Arts landmark became the country’s busiest train station serving commuter and long distance rail lines and bringing development to midtown Manhattan.

I love to go to Grand Central Terminal.  It is so magnificent with its massive marble floors, soaring ceilings, marble columns.  The ceiling which was restored a few years ago is a heavenly vision of the Zodiac.  There is an astronomical mural depicting the Mediterranean sky during the period between October and March.  There are 2500 stars in the ceiling.  In the center of the main Concourse there is an information booth and a beautiful round 4-sided clock.  “Meet me at the clock”  – an iconic meeting place for decades and has been featured in many films.  

GCT is home to many secrets!  Did you know that in the middle of the Main Concourse there is a marble column that holds a hidden spirlal staircase to the lower level?

The Campbell Apartment, a popular bar, is tucked away out of sight. Formerly the private office and salon of 1920’s tycoon, John W. Campbell; The Campbell Apartment has been fully restored to its original splendor — and reborn as a chic cocktail lounge that has already been cited in the national media as one of “the best bars in America”

The famous Oyster Bar and Restaurant are located on a lower level and obviously that’s not a secret.  BUT outside of the restaurant there are four columns positioned in a sort of square.  The secret is; If you stand in one corner facing the column and your friend goes to the opposite diagonal corner and you whisper a few words or sentence (and I mean whisper), your friend will clearly hear what you have said.  YES it is amazing but it is true.

"I'm late, I'm late..."

“I’m late, I’m late…”

Photo courtesy of Murray Head

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