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We thought it was a good idea, well at least one of us did and the other went along with the plan.  He might say it was out of love, however I suspect he weighed the facts and fears and decided it better to acquiesce rather than risk 72 hours of harangue.

It had been weeks since we were at our cottage on the Jersey shore and I always get a little anxious about leaving my little La Vie En Rose to fend for itself against the winter elements.  Of course I am reminded by someone who shall not be named that I can’t protect it.  I, on the other hand see merit in checking on it and turning the heat up and of course putting out peanuts, corn and birdseed for our dependents.  I don’t know where or how they eat when we’re not around  but apparently they do.

So I had it in my mind to go this weekend because I wanted to grocery shop, pick up some prescriptions, check on the house and bring back the bins that the Christmas decorations go in.   All sounded extremely logical to me.  But then I had a real estate appointment that ran a little late AND I got the brilliant idea that we might pack up all the decorations into shopping bags and that way it would be a one way trip and not back and forth.  We would leave in the morning.

As we began packing up the reindeer, the bows, the ornaments, penguins and angels, Peter thought we should listen to the weather report.  It was SCARY!  I knew as the minutes ticked by that there was no way that boy was leaving in the morning after a possible 6″ snowfall.  Bad enough we were parked in the ideal spot, right in front of the building.  So I convinced him that we should leave NOW – finish up the packing, grab the cats and go.  We did just that!!

Ever so quickly we threw the decorations into multiple shopping bags, took the milk/orange juice/cat food essentials we needed to make it through the night and possibly the next day and hustled into the car.  We’re just about to pull away when my phone rings and that reminds Peter that he does not have his phone!  Back upstairs.

We think we’re going to beat the storm but ha, ha, ha….hubris!  The storm gods were waiting for us just as we passed the Newark airport.  No nice big soft flakes coming down that usually herald the beginning of a heavy snowfall – NO we are hit square in the face with driving snow smacking the windshield and virtually creating a white-out! I’m a nervous passenger when Peter is driving so right about now, I’m on high alert!  While I’m watching the road and trying to keep track of the white lines which have disappeared, I’m also texting my sister-in-law, Juanita who is still in Florida and standing under a star-lit sky.  AND she’s now praying for our safe arrival!

As we cautiously proceeded and others flew past us recklessly, I had serious doubts about my insistence to go and was feeling guiltier by the minute.  Thankfully as we got closer to the shore, it actually lightened up a bit and the next hurdle would be parking the car.  Turns out that our side of Broadway is the legal side to park during a snow emergency, so I figured everybody on the north side of the road would already be parked on our side and I could envision trekking over snow banks to carry the cats into the cottage in the dark.  

Luck be the lady!  The spot in front of our house was empty so we pulled right in.  I rushed in to turn the heat up, the lights on and start the unpacking process.  It was good to be back in our little cottage, I turned the candles on (in the windows) and went to the shed to gather the shovels and move them close to the back door.  I also dug out the ice melt and wondered just how bad it was going to get.  The snow just kept falling and falling.  

I like being in my cottage during a snow storm, somehow it doesn’t hold the same charm for my city-born-and-bred-apartment-dwelling husband.  I’m sure he was thinking of the snow shoveling that would have to be done, me too!  Since we didn’t really have any food here, we called in an order to the local Italian restaurant and Pete went to pick it up. I called Juanita and told her we were safe and sound albeit a bit chilled.

Dinner and a movie and before we knew it, it was really late and we tucked ourselves in upstairs with an extra quilt (so country-like).  However, there was a movie on TV that caught our attention and it wasn’t lights out till 3:30am!  At about 2:00am I went downstairs to look at the backyard which now had drifts going this way and that!  Hello Hercules!



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Last night I listened to  the wind howling and Peter complaining about the wind, the snow and life in general lol! The lamp on the porch was swinging precariously and it was too cold and too windy to go out and turn it off and besides our real concern was that it fall over and break and live electricity hit wet snow so we just unplugged it.  And the wind howled some more.  By the time I went to bed I could see a huge drift forming along the sidewalk on the side of the house and another sweeping upwards to the shed.  I thought I would open the back door and take a photo BUT the door would not open-totally blocked with snow drifts.  Comforting thought as I went to bed knowing that in case of emergency we couldn’t get out the back door.   Actually the front door was blocked too but with repeated pushing, we could get it open and thank God, we had the presence of mind to put the snow shovels on the front porch.  AND thank me that I insisted we put the salt in the house and not outside like someone else wanted to.

This is what we woke up to this Monday morning:


Ocean Grove, La Vie en Rose, Monday after the storm, December 27th

Monday Front Porch Drifts 9:30am


Ocean Grove shed, drifts up to the door, Monday, December 27

Monday Drifts Blocking the Shed


bird feeder, snow drifts,December 27th

Monday Backyard Bird Feeder 9:30am


Monday December 27th, car buried, La Vie en Rose Ocean Grove

Monday morning 9:30am

Let the shoveling begin!!!


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Drip Drip Drip

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I Think We Should Stay Home!

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I can still hear his words “I don’t want to be trapped in the house because we can’t dig out the car, the roads won’t be plowed and I don’t think looking out the windows at the snow is all that much fun.” Uh huh! That’s my man,  New York City born and bred.  Good morning Saturday and props to the weathermen who seemed to have tracked and predicted today’s snow fall SO  DAMN ACCURATELY!  I still maintain it is cosy in the house.  Well let me say it is more cozy now since I discovered the upper window of the kitchen’s double hung to be partially open (at least a couple of inches) and the storm windows were reversed!!! I don’t want point any fingers at anyone in particular as to how this possibly could happen but I wasn’t the one who took the air conditioner out!  Geez there was ice in the window tracks – Do you think we were losing any heat, Pete?

Chipping Away the Ice!

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Snowy Descent at Midnight

Right on time almost to the minute,  and without a sound, they silently began to arrive.  Slipping down so quietly and unobtrusively just like a late parishioner quickly sliding into the back pew of the church.  So carefully orchestrated, those early few messengers came and barely left a calling card.  These emissaries of Mother Nature should not have been ignored and actually their precipitate arrival was much anticipated.  The first few came in twos and threes, and they seemed to stagger reaching their destination.  That was around 10:00 and now it is 12:30am and omg, the armies, the hoardes, the mobs of THEM are here.  Rushing, tumbling over one another, not waiting politely for one to land – no these guys are hell bent on getting to the ground and it’s every man or snowflake for himself.

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11:25am – A new day has dawned and the qualms of indecision are still dug in from last night.  Following a rousing discussion (read argument) this morning about why staying up so late makes me so late and grumpy and in the morning, and after much procrastination, I decided to call Susan and check on the pulse of the mood and weather to the south.  Always good to call your peeps – I’m in a much better frame of mind and will stop typing and start packing up – BECAUSE we are going to the Shore.  Hellooooo we will be there soon.  Susan graciously (is she ever any other way) to not only go to the grocery store for us so we would have vittles and provisions for the storm but also to figure out a way to reserve our parking space in front of our cottage. It remains a mystery to me regardless of the countless times my neighbors have told me that their side of Broadway floods more that they insist on parking on my side of the street. Gosh, finding a parking place in OG is sometimes like circling around East 86th St looking for a parking place!!! And if there is a pagan god of parking or a blessed saint who patronizes poor auto owners in New York City who cannot afford a garage and must subject their car and themselves to the rigors and horrors and bangs of parking on the street – alternative side parking only – WELL then, please smile benevolently upon us because come Monday, my life will be really really unpleasant if we have braved the elements to the south and dug out to come home to Manhattan and we can’t park the damn car. Geez, we probably couldn’t even sell it on the street if we can’t park it because it is a Toyota!!!!!  See you at the beach….Lori

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