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Seek and ye shall find

Can’t seem to get the blog posts out in the order of topics of my week, for a couple of weeks now…true I’ve been busier than usual;  very busy working on an exclusive listing of mine which is sold ( I hope) and will be more officially sold once the contract is signed AND I did have Finley Ray over the weekend BUT still….

I look at the stats every day and the number of readers is amazing to me HOWEVER, they are not readers of these daily posts, these are people coming to the blog thru a search engine.  Of course if I were just counting numbers I should be thrilled BUT what the majority of visitors are coming to read is not what I’m writing about now!

Every day and I mean EVERY DAY, several people search for, are you ready for this? – CANDYLAND, or CANDYLAND GAME BOARD, and BUNDLING BOARD, and CARCANO, CLUE GAME and ROBIN BIRD. This seems strange to me and like I said if I was just interested in numbers, it would be gratifying.  BUT these readers are just one night stands, guerilla warfare readers.

Perhaps I shouldn’t complain – after all I made a decision early on that my blog would not just be an online diary of my life and I also knew having a structure to your blogs if you weren’t a niche blogger was the only way to keep on blogging and building your readership.  So here I am today, whining about the fact that most of the readers of this blog are one-timers and what they are coming here for is information, not me.  Can I handle this?

I want to write more personally than I have lately, however,  a lot of what is going on in my life I can’t share with the world; first of all this isn’t a personal diary blog, secondly, I don’t feel right about sharing some of the problems/stress I’ve been having for the last several months because it involves a couple of other people who didn’t sign up to have their lives exposed and I’m honoring that as best I can.  AND because if I started to write about a couple of these issues, this blog would become a rant like you wouldn’t believe!  There are things going on around me that are being dealt with in ways that I totally disagree with and find that handling to be ineffective and dumb.  The people that really know me, know how much I abhor stupid behavior, enabling and living in denial.  I’m a pragmatic bottom line person and believe you just do it!  I’ve had to bite  my tongue so many times lately, I’m sure there’s a huge hole in it.

OK, well having even said that much was a bit of a vent and I feel better already.  I also keep reminding myself of one of my favorite montras; people do what they want to do.  It’s so simple and yet so true.  You can talk till you’re blue in the face, you can reason, point out the logic, attempt to persuade and maybe the end result will be okay; However only if that person has come to believe/want to do it.

So now I still have to figure out why I haven’t posted a recipe in a couple of weeks, why my FAB FOTOS are always a day late, why I haven’t had a comment in a week!!! That is the worst of it, my readers…because either you’re not reading or what I’m writing is so banal it doesn’t evoke any comments.  What to do, what to do?? You know in my business which has always been real estate sales, when you are in a slump, the boss would say go back to the basics.

I’m going to try to do that which in my case was more of a mixture of personal satirical observations of my life and the world around me and follow the post schedule to stay on track.   I guess that means I need to look around me and use my creative writing skills to bring life’s every day adventures, foibles and characters to life in print in this blog.  There was a TV station whose slogan was “Characters welcome” – I need to bring in some characters, lol.

Getting back on track, this is Wednesday so I best find a conspiracy theory  that will enlighten us all!

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