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Did anyone in Ocean Grove really sleep last night? Every hour or so, one of us got up and went downstairs checking the basin and pail for overflow, looking out the front door to see if Broadway was a road or a lake, then stumbling back up the stairs to bed for another hour of sleep.

Sunday morning dawned and we cautiously looked outside to see if there was any damage to the front of the house and if there was a layer of sand on Broadway indicating the storm surge actually breeched the dunes, the boardwalk, Ocean Avenue and rushed down the road to us.  Thank God, NO!

After opening up the doors and pushing the storm windows up and bringing the screen back down,  my thoughts turned to the shore.  “Let’s go see what happened at the beach”.  By the time we got to the Boardwalk, it was already highly populated with fellow survivalists who like us wanted to see what happened at the source.

Shocked and suprised, we found an intact boardwalk but some heavily damaged dunes.  There was less sand on the boardwalk than there was after last winter’s Nor’Easter.  But the concrete benches were pushed away from the railings like so many pawns in Mother Nature’s chess game.  There was a salt water pond between the dunes and the boardwalk which looked to stretch from the Broadway beach entrance to the Beach Office.    Peter and I walked to the Fishing Pier which still had police tape across it, where a large group of people  had gathered.  A utility shed had been torn off its base and now rested up against the boardwalk.   Then we walked onto the beach  at the South End entrance to get a closer look at the angry foaming sea.  I noticed that I only walked down two steps and I was on the sand – that stair-case has a least 6 steps!!!!

The beach was very small and the shore line significantly closer.  Hopefully the tides will revert to their normal height over the next couple of days.

hurricane Irene, Ocean Grove boardwalk, Ocean Grove, NJ
Mother Nature re-arranged the furniture
hurricane Irene, ocean grove sand dunes, ocean grove nj
Dune Fence Uprooted
hurricane Irene, sand dunes Ocean Grove, Ocean Grove, NJ
Ravaged By Irene
hurricane Irene, Ocean Grove nJ
Irene’s Foot Bath Behind the Dunes
hurricane Irene, Ocean Grove boardwalk, South End beach Ocean Grove
And Where Are The Other 4 Steps?
hurricane Irene, Ocean Grove nj

Storm-surged Shed

hurricane Irene aftermath, Ocean Grove, NJ

The Angry Sea Foams at the Mouth

All photos taken by me.

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I like to showcase photographs that depict a  subject, a place,  an attitude, an event…this week I’m pleased to feature some pictures that are what I call “arty photos”.   Art is Where You Find It – The Jersey Shore.   Well I’m not explaining this very well so let’s have the pictures speak for themselves.

no lifeguard, Ocean Beach, yellow flag means caution

No Life Guard on Duty - CAUTION

Flying a kite, green kite, Ocean Grove, kite flying

Go Fly A Kite

writing in the sand, sand script

Sand Script


Under the Boardwalk

Under the Boardwalk

Asbury Park,

Box Office at Dawn

Mussels, Ocean Grove

Mussel Beach

All of the photographs are Courtesy of Murray Head

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A couple of weeks ago, we had several out of town guests visit us in Ocean Grove for a day.  We strolled along the Boardwalk and eventually we ended up in Asbury Park.  It’s  always fascinating to roam around the old Casino and the Carousel.  I had my camera with me and decided to try to take some arty photographs.

This time I really noticed the extensive bas relief on the exterior of the Carousel; the horses, the sun faces and even sections of the buildings took on a new look when captured in the camera’s eye.  My friend Murray also took some and you’ll know right away who the pro is!  I always give photo credit but you won’t need it to pick his out.

Asbury Park, carousel, copper horse bas relief
Bas Relief Carousel Horse – Asbury Park

Asbury Park bas relief, copper sun face, carousel
Copper Sun Face – Carousel Asbury Park

carousel horse facade, copper horse bas relief
Asbury Park Carousel Horse bas relief
boardwalk, AP, casino, Ocean Grove

Asbury Park - The Casino

Photo by Murray Head

Casino, carousel, Asbury Park boardwalk

This Mermaid Lives in Asbury Park

Photo by Murray Head

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This evening we participated in a very special event! You might say we held an Irish wake, sort of…several of Susan and Jim’s friends gathered at beach tonight to honor the memory of Isabelle, their beloved Weimaraner who passed away last week.  Susan thought it would be a fitting tribute to Isabelle if we met at the beach and toasted Izzy as she was known to me and Belle as Jim affectionately called his girl. It was a great idea!

Jim Taylor, Ocean Grove,

She Was My Girl For Sure

People came with their dogs and with memories of furry loved ones gone.  And fitting it was to have the dogs racing around through the sand, tails wagging wildly, barking, yapping and loving every minute of this last minute freedom to do so.  Tomorrow is the beginning of Ocean Grove’s NO DOGS on the BEACH or the BOARDWALK policy which is in effect from May1st to October 1st. Actually there were quite a few last fling before the season begins dogs and owners on the shore tonight.  Big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, tiny dogs, dogs wearing neckerchiefs, dogs splashing along the shore nipping at each others’ heels – All in Fun!

French bulldog, Sammy and Harry, Ocean Grove, Jersey shore

Getting to Know You!

Cindy who owns The Dawg Joint in Asbury Park showed up with all the dogs that had not been picked up when she left to join us.  She brought Bubbles, a big fluffy two year old Bernese Mountain dog. Chakra, a lovely white Boxer mix as well as Remi, her own Lab Rhodesian Ridgeback mx.  Maggie Mae, Flo, Sammy and Harry were all in attendance and even a couple more.

Sophie Taylor, rescue dog, Jersey shore, Ocean Grove

Sophie Taylor Looks On

Susan spoke from the heart, about the life of Izzy while she was with them, the joy she brought to both of them, but especially her affinity for shadowing Jim, to whom she was very attached and vice versa I might add.  I didn’t know Izzy very well but I certainly will not forget the picture in my mind of her sprawled out on the end of the couch, snoring, while Susan would straighten out my latest disaster in knitting.  We all had the opportunity to say a few words about those pets of ours that have died.  Peter thoughtfully suggested we bring a picture of Murphy Brown and so we did and took our moment to remember the joy that big orange ball of a cat brought into our lives.

As the last rays of the rapidly retreating sunshine disappeared, we gathered up our stuff, wine bottles, glasses and blankets and with lots of hugs and kisses bid each other all a good evening and then we were gone!

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rising moon, red moon, orange moon, planters moon, flower moon, peony moon,

The Moon Masquerades as a Sunset

Ding! I heard my cell phone alert that a text had arrived – I looked at the clock and said to myself, “who is texting me at this hour?” It was Susan, inviting me to meet up at the Fishing Pier in Ocean Grove with a few other “moonies” to see the day old full moon rising.  In all my years of moon watching and moon loving, I don’t ever remember watching the moon rise from the horizon of the Atlantic ocean.  It was a sight to behold. I arrived just in time to see a small slice of orange peeking above the distant black horizon.  Slowly, oh so very slowly, the orange slice grew larger until you could see the top quarter of the orange globe.  Well first of all, I never expected it to be orange!  The only other orange/red moon I ever saw was in South Africa was glorious and high up in the night sky.  So here we are; an assortment of Ocean Grove residents gathered on the boardwalk oohing and ahhing over this ball of fire, this moon which was the color of a sunset was emerging before our eyes.  The well prepared people had cameras, tripods and lens – I FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA!!! I must remember to have camera and Flip with me at all times.  I know I’ve said that before, I’m a slow learner.  I tried to take some feeble shots with my cell phone see below:

moon over the water, full moon, planter's moon, peony moon, flower moon, orange moon

and by this point the moon had clearly rose and as it inched up in the sky, its brilliant hue began to fade and eventually was all white.  So I borrowed the shot of the rising orange moon because I wanted  you to get an idea of the magnificence of this natural phenomena.

This moon known to the early American colonists as the Planter’s Moon is aptly named since most New Englanders and Middle Atlantic residents know it’s not a good idea to plant anything much before the end of this month because Mother Nature every now and then throws us a couple of freezing days and we are once again wondering if Spring will ever really be here.

In Chinese astrology, this moon is known as the Peony Moon and from that I gather they are living in a more temperate zone because my peonies just have buds now and probably won’t bloom until mid May or later.

I’m partial to the lore of Native Americans and in their culture this moon was known as the Flower Moon. Could this be because they lived where the Dogwood trees bloomed, the Sweet Cherry trees bloomed and if you look in my lawn you can see that April is the month the dandelions begin to bloom too.  I know that Daffodils, Tulips, Iris and a few other perennials bloom so sweetly, reminding us that summer is just around the corner BUT do I think the Indians were planting bulbs from Holland the previous Fall? NO I don’t!ll

We were a fairly well-behaved group, moon admirers and thank goodnes, no Lunatics were in evidence. You really have to look over your shoulder to make sure there aren’t any lunatics near by.

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