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Do you know what a hack is?  It’s a nickname for cab driver, it’s chopping away at something as in hacking. I believe there are few more definitions BUT the explanation for today’s blog goes something like this: A Hack is an appropriate application of ingenuity.

Look at these 9 ingenious ways you can save space or in other words add space to your home.  Apparently I’m 1 short of Thursday’s Top Ten lol.  These ingenious ideas have been excerpted from the PURE WOW web site.

1. Let Your Makeup Stand Up

Pretty Ingenious

Pretty Ingenious

Leave it to the inventive folks at Quirky to come up with a silicon grid that grips any and all tubular products. The vertical orientation not only saves space but also keeps your brushes clean.
Zen Cosmetics ($15)

2.Use Magnetic Knife Racks for Grooming Tools
Another brilliant idea from our good friends the Swedes: a big ole magnet. Load it up with metal bobby pins, tweezers, clippers and such. But mount it somewhere secluded (inside a drawer or cabinet), so your cuticle pusher isn’t in your face on a daily basis.
Ikea ($13)

3. Make a Place for Your Towels 

Got Hang Ups?

Got Hang Ups?

Don’t waste precious wall space when your towels can nestle right outside the shower curtain with a double rod. (Important to note: You’ll need a masonry drill bit if you’re installing in tile.)Bed Bath & Beyond ($40)

4. Hang Your Hair Dryer
Don’t be an idiot and waste a whole drawer on something that’s literally built to be hung. Adhere a hotel-style fixture next to the mirror for easy access. (And maybe consider a dryer upgrade if you’re still slinging a purple Conair from ’99.)

5. Extend Your Countertop  

Up, up and away

Up, up and away

Useful little risers like this are especially handy if you share a sink with a significant other.
Kmart ($15)

6. Lift Up Your Spray Bottles 

Don't Get Hung Up

Don’t Get Hung Up

When it comes to teeny bathrooms, levels are your best friends. Create one for your cleaners by hanging them from a small shower rod. Just make sure the rod can withstand the weight. (Screw mounts are best, and the hardware store can trim the rod to fit.)
Home Depot ($6)

7. Re-purpose Spice Racks for Beauty Products
In more “you should be hanging that” news, free up space in an overflowing medicine cabinet by shelving your more infrequently used items. Just be careful to maintain a clean and streamlined look–and don’t clutter up your walls with erratic colors.
Ikea ($4)

8.  Swap a Vanity Tray for a Cake Stand
L’Occitane hand cream deserves a sweet display. But that tiny single tray you’re using isn’t doing you any favors. Double the amount you can store simply by switching it for tiered server plates. (Pro tip: Go vintage to preserve the dainty vibe.)
Etsy ($45)

9.  Take Advantage of Higher Elevations 

Look UP!

Look UP!

That extra foot between your door frame and the ceiling? Use it or lose it. Install a shelf to store extra necessities (like spare T.P. and guest towels).
Ikea ($23)


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