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Did you ever wonder how birds get their names?  I mean a Bluebird is obvious and a Blue Jay makes sense, but what about a Cardinal?  Do you think it was named after the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church and did the color Cardinal Red come before or after the bird? Ahhhh but I digress.

The title of the blog is Berry Nice so wouldn’t you think it should have something to do with berries?  In fact it does and also about some birds with a very unusual name.  Cedar Waxwings!  Really now, what does that conjure up?  Cedar trees, wings of wax?  Well I have some really cute photos of a bunch of immature Cedar Waxwings feasting on some red berries in Central Park.  Murray was there to capture them and in addition, he wrote this little poem!

A tree grows on a slope north-west of Cedar Hill…
whose berries were ripe for the pickin’.
as a flock of juvenile Cedar Waxwings discovered.
in they flew, out they flew, and now those berries are missin’.

Cedar waxwing

This looks like a berry nice place

berry, central park, cedar waxwing

I’ve got myself a nice juicy one!

red berries, cedar waxwing

I’d bend over backwards for a berry!

red berries, cedar waxwing, central park

Not quite ripe but I think it will be fine anyway.


Humphhh at least, they left at least ONE berry for me!

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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The origin of this proverb dates back to the mid-16th Century.  In 1545 Martin Turner used a version of this phrase in his papist satire, The Rescuing of Romish Fox; “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.”   

In nature, birds of the same species often do flock and fly together.  Ornithologists explain  this behavior as a “safety”  in numbers tactic to reduce their risk of predation.

Well the only person shooting these birds is Murray and he’s using a lens, not a gun.  See for yourself this marvelous flock of birds.

Central Park

American Goldfinch

Murray Head, Central Park

Hermit Thrush

Murray Head, Central Park

Cedar Waxwing

Murray Head, Central Park

American Redstaart (femaile)

Murray Head, Central Park

Black and White Warbler

Murray Head, Central Park

Red Tailed Hawk

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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