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Central Park is full of wildlife, each with his or her own story.  Yesterday Murray was in the Hallet Nature Sanctuary.  This area is a four-acre preserve located just  northwest of the Pond at 5th Avenue and Central Park South.

He came upon a beautiful Egret in an area of the Pond where it had not been before.

white egret, Hallet Nature Sanctuary, Central Park

Great White Egret

Although not intentional, apparently she was intruding the Red Wing Blackbirds territory.  The couple swooped down, tried to shoo the Egret away.

Hallet Nature Sanctuary, Egret, Red wing blackbird

” Go Away Now”

Not to be easily deterred, Madam Egret continues to wander eastward.  Mrs. Red Wing Blackbird, visibly upset that the Egret has not yet left, decides to make a more pointed statement, literally.

Hallet Nature Sanctuary, preserve, Central Park

“Really Now, You Must Leave”

The Egret was not moved!  Two women in the kitchen, a cat fight underway, Mr. Red Wing Blackbird takes upon himself to intervene.  He was not going to put up with this nonsense….the Egret had to go!

“Hey, Lady, You Gotta Go”

Finally, Madam Egret decides it’s in everyone’s best interest that she move on.  She thinks, “After all, the Pond is big enough for all of us…and besides I’m a bigger bird than they are”.

The Pond, 5th Avenue and Central Park South

Just Minding My Own Business

And at the other side of the Pond, on the West bank, the Bull Frog sat and watched the whole episode.

Hallet Nature Sanctuary, Central Park

“Silly birds” Ribbett

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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