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Everyone goes to Central Park when it snows!  The scenery is magnificent, the hushed quiet, serene. the hills entice the kids and their saucers.  The dogs romp in the snow, we build snowmen, we cross-country ski, we bird watch, and we have snow ball fights.  BUT none of us have the sheer joy that comes only from being a Snow Leopard cub living in the Central Park Zoo.  Share their delight!










Can I Play Too?

Can I Play Too?

All photos courtesy of Murray Head


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I’m not sayin’ that peacocks are easy or amoral but although he spent the night, he left right after breakfast.  Oh wait, he never got breakfast, maybe that’s why he left!

Central Park is lovely place and one would think that if you lived there and someone fed you every day and let you roam around, you wouldn’t want to leave…BUT yesterday, one of the zoo’s peacocks literally flew the coop!  Some people didn’t know peacocks can fly but they can, God didn’t give them wings just so they could put their head under them.

Perched on a narrow ledge of a 5th floor apartment at 833 Fifth Avenue, the peacock spent about 20 hours attracting hundreds of New Yorkers, aka gawkers. 

Tonight on the news, there were photos shown of the wayward peacock returning home.  Well, he was almost home because for some reason, he missed the aviary and landed in the goat’s pen.

Fifth Ave, Central Park, New York city

Proud Peacock

Photo by Murray Head

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