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Not Every Conspiracy is a Theory!


My friend Gail sent me this cartoon so I thought I would liven up this Wednesday’s installment in the conspiracy theory about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

For 20 weeks, I have been retelling the conspiracy theory known as COUP D’ETAT.  Stay with it, you  will be shocked if you’re not already by what you have read these past many weeks.


In 1067, New Orleans D. A. Jim Garrison arrested New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw for conspiring with Oswald and the recently deceased David Ferrie to kill John Kennedy.  The ensuing scandal laid bare Shaw’s closeted homosexuality, but although Garrison convinced the jury that Kennedy was the victim of conspiracy. he failed to prove that Shaw was involved with Oswald or Ferrie.  The case hinged on whether Shaw used the alias “Clay Bertrand.”  In 1964, New Orleans lawyer Dean Andrews told the Warren Commission that on November 23,1963, a client named Clay Bertrand asked him to represent Oswald, who had previously visited Andrews’ law office in the company of some Latin “gay kids”.  Andrews, who also represented Maia boss Carlos Marcello, refused to divulge the true identity of his mystery client to Garrison, saying it would be “Bon voyage, Deano” if he did.

In 1977, a CIA document surfaced showing that Shaw, a former OSS colonel, had a long history with the Agency.  Shaw was director of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans, a subsidiary of the Rome-based Centro Mondiale Commerciale.  The CMC was in tun linked to Permindex, a shadowy company with, according to French Intelligence agents, funneled $200,000 to the French Secret Army Organization for a 1962 coup attempt against Charles De Gaulle.  allegedly both Shaw and Schlumberger corporation president Jean DeMeni sat on the board of Permindex. Along with names of prominent European fascists, Shaw’s address book contained the listing: “Lee Odlum, P.O. Box 19106, Dallas, Texas.”  Oswald’s address book contained the same P.O. Box number, with no name attached.

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