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How FRUSTRATING is it to NEVER get a human being on the other end of the line?  We have all been there, listening to the endless electronic  loop of the patronizingly solicitous voice, telling us to JUST WAIT!! “We appreciate  your patience”  – I don’t want to be patient I want to talk to someone about my problem, my issue, my need, my dilemma, my complaint, my order, my subscription, my freaking whatever!!!

Now I know I don’t have any patience;  for one thing my husband always tells me so….and then being Type A+ doesn’t help and of course living in New York City where being demanding and impatient are practically not only inherent rights, but are also considered marriage material personality traits, well you can see where I’m coming from!!!

So now that the days of Operators and in many cases, Receptionists have gone the way of the Underwood typewriter and the rotary telephone, what we are left with is HI-TECH inefficiency! What is everybody doing who works in the company you’re calling – WHILE you’re waiting?  I wonder.

How do you get to that person, THE person who can answer your question, fix your problem, straighten out the situation?  I’ll tell you!

The answer is http://www.gethuman.com.  My friend, Gail (yes the same Gail who opened our eyes to the aluminum foil – cling wrap world’s best kept secret) reminded me of this site.  This is the place you want to go to WHEN you can’t get out of voicemail jail and when you want  to jump off the ” press 1 if this is correct Merry-go-Round.

This is really an unbelievable web site chock full of information about almost any major company that you would ever have to call.  It includes airlines, communications companies, stores, credit card companies and the list is endless.  On this site, you can find out how to reach a live person in the customer service department.  You can read reviews by other consumers and customers and what their real life experience was like including their waiting time.  The companies are rated, there are tips  and customer service shortcuts.

It’s amazing! Try it, you’ll like it and be sure to bookmark it. Copy and paste.


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