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Always a place where bigger is better and more is nicer, Manhattan extends Halloween far beyond the usual Cabbage Night or Mischief Night and the actual Eve of All Hallows.  Almost everyone I have ever mentioned Cabbage night to in New York City has not known what I was talking about.  Do you?  Traditionally the night before Halloween, parents stayed home and tried to keep older kids in the house because  that was night that mailboxes were filled with  shaving cream , trees were wrapped with toilet paper and soap was used to scrawl messages on car windows.  And here you thought the kids in suburbia were so good!

Anyway, in the City, Halloween fun began last weekend.  There was a “kids happening” in Central Park where kids of all ages and sizes were present to participate in the many events.  There was also that hot hot Halloween display at the Band Shell in the park; see previous post; “It Was A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight” OR Was It Central Park?

Murray was in the park taking photos of all and here are some of the Big and Little, Masks and Make-up

BIG Guy - Make-up

BIG Guy – Make-up

Little Guy - Make-up

Little Guy – Make-up

Big Pumpkin Man

BIG White Face Pumpkin 

Little White Face Zombie

Little White Face Zombie

Pumpkin Dog - No Mask No Make-up!

Pumpkin Dog – No Mask No Make-up!

Hot Dog-No Mask No Make-up

Hot Dog-No Mask No Make-up

BIG Zombie - Make-up?

BIG Zombie – Make-up?

Little Zombie - Mask!

Little Zombie – Mask!

Headless Horseman No Make-up No Mask

Headless Horseman
No Make-Up No Mask

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

So there you have a glimpse into the beginning of Halloween Week!


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