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This year, more so than previous years, it seems like every movie channel is trying to out-scare the other.  I walked into the bedroom the other night and my husband was watching God knows what and as I glanced at the screen I said, “Dear God, what are you watching?” I really don’t like horror movies and even some thrillers;  It would have to be very obviously tongue-in-cheek or so outrageous you know it could never happen and therefore no reason to be scared.  My problem is whatever the really bad scene is in any movie, that’s the one that creeps into my consciousness just before I try to go to sleep.   And getting back to the TV screen it was a shot of several people being hanged!  Geez!

Well there are certainly a lot more than anybody’s top 10 films created to scare the heck out of you, so please feel free to comment and add a few of your own!!!!

Reagan My Sweet

Reagan My Sweet

1.  THE EXORCIST – This one had me so frightened (it didn’t help being Catholic) that for 2 nights I slept with every light on,  I threw the Ouija Board in a dumpster in town AND called a priest friend of mine and asked him to come and bless the house (knowing he couldn’t really perform an exorcism).

2.  Silence of the Lambs – Another really tough one for me.  Anthony Hopkins was SO sinister he was real.

3.  ROSEMARY’S BABY – I had read the book and thought that was hand-shakingly scary for me and the movie practically followed the book word for word! 

4.  THE SHINING – Jack Nicholson on a good day can be scary and in The Shining he was downright horrifying.  The soundtrack added a tremendous amount of adrenalin-rushing fear to the film.  Who can forget Jack at the locked door of the bathroom saying, ” Wendy, I’m home”.

5.  Alien – OMG when the thing was coming out of the stomach…oh well I think I left the room after that part!

6.  BLAIR WITCH PROJECT –  A movie that reminds us that sometimes the things that scare us the most are the ones we can’t see.  I was exhausted after watching this!

7.  WAIT UNTIL DARK – This thriller is scary and doesn’t fall into the horror movie category at all.  The tenseness is palpable.  The silence terrifying and you absolutely feel her fear!

8.  THE OMEN – Wow! Even the dog knew there was something wrong with this kid.  The toppling shaft of steel nearly killed me too. 

9.  PSYCHO – Oh sure, it’s been replayed so many times in so many ways that we can laugh at it BUT when it first debuted – You have to admit you were scared.  Shower anyone?

10.  NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – A low-budget film that messes with your mind big time! What is real and what is imaginary?

And there are so many more crossing the boundaries of thriller to horror to sci-fi – They all scare the bejesus out of me!

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