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Once upon a time…this is how most fairy tales begin but not so with this one.  A few days after The Wedding of Prince William and his beloved Kate, my friend Gail called me with an interesting idea.  I can’t remember whether or not she read about it or if  someone she knew told her about a British tradition associated with a royal wedding.  Apparently, it’s a custom for the Queen to reply to well-wishers who send a note of congratulations to her on the occasion of her grandson’s wedding.  One of the Queen’s Ladies in Waiting will send a thank-you note.  As Gail said, “this is right up your alley”!

And she was right;  not only did I decide to write a note in my name, I also wrote one in Finley’s name.   I thought it would be a wonderful keepsake for her.  I had my doubts that we would ever receive a reply and a couple of times I meant to mention it to Chiara because I was afraid she might toss the envelope out as junk mail.   Well weeks went by and I forgot about the letters. 

Today my daughter called and said, “Have you seen Facebook“? I hadn’t so I  got on the computer while Chiara was telling me how amazing it was that Finley Ray had received a Thank-you note from the Queen of England!  I screamed!!!  Chiara had posted the letter on Facebook thinking that maybe Finley’s dad, Tom, had a hand in this.   “No, it was me”! I was so happy it had actually arrived and on Facebook, it’s  getting a lot comments.

Well I can’t wait to see if my response has arrived.  I have a week’s worth of mail to go through when I get home.  And I better tell Peter so he doesn’t think it’s some junk mail!

Here is the letter, I hope they frame it and save it for Finny;  direct from Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace, Ladies in Waiting, Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth Thanks Finley Ray

Thank you Queen Elizabeth!

Thank you Gail!

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