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This isn’t going to be a long blog.  Today is a point in case where a picture is worth a thousand words.  There are some holidays that really make me miss my Dad.  I always used to call him on Veteran’s Day; He was so proud of his naval service during World War II and then subsequently in later years he joined the Naval Reserve as an officer.  

However, this weekend is not about honoring those that served and lived to tell about it.  Memorial Day weekend is all about honoring those that died while serving the cause – whether you agree with the cause or not is irrelevant because some mother or father somewhere is mourning the loss of their child who went to war.  There are thousands and thousands of white crosses in cemeteries around this country….and yet we keep on sending our youth, our future, off to fight  wars on the other side of the world!  WTF?  WHERE is it written that the United States is the peace keeper of the world?  Or that it’s our business to decide what political group is running a country other than ours?  

I’m not going any further with this little rant because ALL I REALLY WANTED TO SAY was “It’s Memorial Day weekend and it’s not all about picnics and parties. 

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Unfortunately I wasn’t out and about much today so I don’t know just how seriously Flag Day was observed in New York City.  I know in Ocean Grove, the flags are flying everywhere.  Of course they fly everywhere there pretty much all the time, except maybe winter, when many are brought in for the cold and ice season.

Betsy Ross

Remembering Betsy Ross

The American Flag, stars and stripes forever

Flying the Flag

American flag, stars and stripes

Ripples of Glory

celebrate, fireworks


American flags

A Stand of American Flags

Furling the flag

Furling the flag!

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