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It’s 7:30 am and I’m hustling around to get ready for the today’s big yard sale.  I have spent the last couple of weeks scrounging around the apartment, the cottage and through stuff we’ve had left over from doing Flea Markets.  In other words I have WAY TOO much stuff to put out on two tables!!

AND as Peter predicted the ground is wet because for the last two days we have showers….this is NOT an auspicious beginning 😦

I literally spent the entire day yesterday sorting through the boxes of stuff trying to group the junk, er, I mean stuff into plastic bins and price each piece.  This is of course an area where we diverge: I want this stuff GONE and am happy to price it to sell and well, my other half is a bit more attached to his possessions and is not giving anything away!  Oh no?  I’ve already promised myself that 90% of what is going into the sale is going to Goodwill and Habitats if it doesn’t sell.

I’m not immune to the fact that we are probably putting out some items that really don’t belong in  a yard sale, they are much more Flea Market antiques and nostalgic collectibles but right now, this is the only venue.  And, I swear I will do another yard sale in the summer when lots more people are in town.  This particular day was designated by an organizer and promoted as Town Wide.  I hope there was sufficient advertising to entice people to come even though this is one gray, soggy day.  Oh how dismal it all looks now!

This is the morning to be moving quickly and hello Murphy’s Law – we’re up and Peter takes the first shower and drops his lens in the bathroom-15 minutes later we find it.  I need him dressed and outside to set up those big table for me and to lug the crap er, I mean stuff out to the porch.  Just to add to the total aggravation of it all is the fact we broke the door on our shed two weeks ago, it’s not fixed so the wagon which is supposed to be for sale is in there along with big sheets of plastic I wanted with me in case of a shower!  Oh yeah, think it’s going to be a fun, fun day all around!

Friday afternoon my living room looked like this…

And this…

Trying To Sort Through

Trying To Sort Through

By 8pm last night, I had priced, sorted and packed up everything and then listened to the weather report

Way Too Much Stuff

Way Too Much Stuff

Packed and Priced

Packed and Price

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You know I’ve thought about this for the last couple of years;  it started when my daughter and a whole bunch of her friends were getting engaged and planning weddings – there were so many showers that year it was like April for 12 months!  That was the year I coined a phrase describing this soon-to-be wedded Y generation as the PBCB Generation stands for Pottery Barn Crate & Barrel Generation.  Everyone of them HAD to be registered at Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and you could throw in Williams Sonoma too.

At my own bridal shower in 1968 I received many beautiful new household items; Pyrex mixing bowls with an Early American motif surrounding the nesting bowls,  a cookie jar in the shape of a monk,

Thou Shalt Not Steal, 1960's cookie jar

Thou Shalt Not Steal

and pots and pans and gadgets so typical of the 60’s like; an electric frying pan, an electric can opener, an electric ice crusher, an electric knife.  I received a hand-held mixer – I would never  have been caught dead with one of those big white mixers with their white bowls! I guess every generation thinks their parents’ stuff is old-fashioned

These days I’m a collector of vintage things and I especially love having and using my many pieces of vintage kitchen ware.  As the years went by, I  realized that I loved the bowls, canisters, mugs and all the gadgets and unusual pieces from the 1940’s and ’50’s.

Now I bring this up BECAUSE my daughter like lots of  other offspring I know, just pooh-pooh  anything her mother had and used because it was too old-fashioned, lol.  She turned up her nose at owning the vintage kitchen ware I collected and used.  AND I bring this up BECAUSE as I wended my way through the above-referenced Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel looking for gift items in the registries,  I couldn’t help but notice and remark that many of the featured items were reproductions of the very vintage items I had!

That’s right – There I was in Crate & Barrel looking at a set of nested Pyrex mixing bowls in a contemporized color version of the hallmark 1940’s yellow, green, red and blue set ( I have an original set).

Pyrex mixing bowls, nested bowls,. 1940's

The REAL thing

Oh and they seem to be sitting on a reproduction round oak pedestal table (that I had when Chiara was growing up).  There were repro retro sugar shakers,  flour sifters, dish towels with a vintage cherry pattern, mason jars, repro jadeite coffee mugs ( I have all of those but mine are real) …in the furniture department I saw small side tables with pie crust edge, sleigh beds, even high post pineapple post beds!  Lots of Arts and Craft period Stickley-like desks and bookcases and chairs – ALL reproduced and at SUCH prices!!   I loved the little electric fans, the martini shakers (yes, mine are vintage)  and glasses and fondue pots (got one of those avocado green originals)!

1970's  cheese fondue, chocolate and fruit fondue

Let's Have a Fondue Party

I tried to tell her that she could still get the REAL THING but she wasn’t hearing any of that.

In Pottery Barn, the wave of reproduction rolled through too.  They even have a department called Vintage Finds!! Reproduction seltzer bottles (mine are original), woven wine bottles (remember burning and dripping candles in those Chianti bottles?), soda crates, pickling jars and wooden rakes.  Apparently in the past couple of years, nostalgia has been king, and even the Y generation appreciates it – that is, as long as it came from PB or CB!! I buy my stuff at Flea Markets and yard sales  – They love RETAIL!

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Yesterday was the much anticipated Flea Market in Ocean Grove.  We contracted for a booth at the end of the winter and were anxiously awaiting the big day with HIGH hopes of selling a LOT of our stuff that has been stored in bins in our garage.  Stuff from way back when, stuff from the Point Pleasant Antique Emporium and of course more stuff.  Those of you who really know us, know what I’m talking about.

Last week I spent all day Tuesday pricing and repacking items in the several bins that now inhabited the living room of our tiny cottage.  The forecast was not promising, showers were predicted – so we packed plastic sheets to cover the merchandise in case of a shower, brought along ponchos and counted on being able to duck into Jim and Susan’s tent if the rains came.  We were fortunate enough to have Jim and Susan next to us – it’s good to have a friendly neighbor at an all day Flea Market.

We got up at the ungodly (for us) hour of 5:45am and took quick showers and began the tedious process of getting the “stuff” over to the Flea Market.  First trip for Peter is to schlep 3 large very heavy tables and a bookcase to the spot.  Then back again to the house to make a trip with the bins.  Miraculously we got all the bins in the car and I went along on this trip to start to set up.  Sounds like things are going according to Hoyle (so how many of you know what that phrase means?).  We unloaded the bins and believe me it took both of us to carry some of them.  Peter went back for a third trip and by the way it is now 7am  and the official end of set up time.  When I arrived at the site, I was both horrified and amazed because MOST of the vendors were already set up, tents up, merchandise out!!!  Not an auspicious beginning for me.  While Peter went back to get the  two small tables we were going to sell and the wind-up Victrola which was meant to attract the crowds, I started to set up.  What a freaking, yes  a freaking nightmare.  When I repacked on Tuesday I was sure I had put the items going in the bookcase in one bin, stuff for the tables in another and so on and so forth to make it easy to unpack.  WHAT I didn’t do was remember where the tablecloths were so I could place the items out.  So off to a very bad start and it only got worse as more and more people kept coming into the booth and of course they couldn’t move, there were bins open everywhere, newspaper all over and things just jumbled on the tables.   You gotta get up MUCH earlier if you are going to attempt to do a flea market properly.  So ALL of my OCD impulses were in full force – nothing was right, the items weren’t placed correctly (what is correctly in a flea market??) and many of the things Peter brought in at the last moment were not priced.  This is living hell for someone like me!!

When I tell you that it was almost 10am before the booth really looked like a booth, I don’t think I’m exaggerating!! Meantime, while I’m scowling and cursing to myself, next door Susan is being the perfect salesperson; “Oh and that color is you” and she was selling sweaters like HOT CAKES (no pun intended) in the early morning heat.  Little did we know that by noon we would be literally baking.

The sun shone brightly all day and the temperature rose into the 90’s!  We had no shade, so we kept drinking water to stay hydrated.  By noon, I had to walk home and get out of the clothes I was in because they were too tight, too dark and I was drenched.  I left Peter in charge, walked slowly home due to the intense heat and the fact that both hips and my right knee were killing me.  A quick cold shower and a change of clothes and I headed back.  In order to be able to tolerate the heat, I had put on a halter top and Bermuda shorts which only succeeded in providing the scorching sun more flesh to cook.

It turned out to be a very LONG day and quite frankly, not all that profitable.  The crowds seemed to be bottom fishing!  It was so hot, nobody had any energy except the Italian Ice vendors and the fresh-squeezed lemonade vendors did a bang up business.  By 4pm we were so wrung out from standing in the heat, that I could hardly pack up the “stuff” which I so dearly wanted to leave on the field and walk away.  If it weren’t for Jim and Susan’s help we would have never gotten out of there.  If it took 3 trips to bring it, it took 3 trips to get it back!  We arrived home tired, dirty and not hungry and not richer enough to probably justify the effort BUT thankful to be home to take a shower – as Susan said, “There’s not enough soap to get me clean”.

Now that’s my rather pessimistic report of the day, but I know  Susan and Jim had a good day – despite the heat, between her salesmanship and extremely low pricing, she managed to move a lot of “merch” as they say in the biz.

I took my camera along but had zero interest in taking any pictures not even of our booth.  BUT…. my fellow blogger and experienced photographer and reporter, Paul has some super photos so please check out the link posted above this to see some colorful shots of an Ocean Grove Day.  Please note that as I write this it is still HOT here – hence the scorching orange sun color ink lol.

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