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It was late afternoon, the sun was shining and I was driving along Lake Terrace in Bradley Beach which runs alongside Fletcher Lake and there she was – a large Canadian Goose was leading her little goslings by the side of the lake.  I sped home, ran in the house to get my camera and raced back to the lake.  As I slowly drove,  I scanned the lakeside looking for the darling feathered family.  NOTHING, nowhere to be seen.  Then as I arrived at the part of the road that veers away from Fletcher Lake, I noticed a lot of little bobbing heads on the grassy bank.  There was Mother Goose and it looked like Papa had joined her while the goslings ate.

Canadian geese, Fletcher Lake, Ocean Grove, Bradley Beach, goose, goslings, Mother Goose
The Geese Eat

Timidly but quickly I hopped out of the car, camera in hand ONLY to be  stared down by Mama Goose herself.  She watched me like the proverbial hawk lest I make any sudden moves towards the babiesl

Canadian Goose, goslings, Fletcher Lake, Ocean Grove,
Mother Goose Stares Me Down

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