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One Slice Does It All

I never know what an email or Facebook post from Gail is going to bring!  I do know that most likely it will be something so interesting that I’m going to want to put it on my blog and today is no exception.  I should save this until next Tuesday and use it in place of a recipe for Tasty Tidbits Tuesday BUT I can’t wait that long.  This is one incredible performance.  Now I call it performance because the man is an artist and what he creates is art.

I was so impressed with his skills and of course his knife, I just had to post this today.  I’ve never seen a knife like this and can’t imagine how sharp it must be!  Well you will see for yourself in this mind-blowing video.  There is no background music or dialogue, much like the painter alone at his easel or the writer sitting in his garret.

Thanks and a shout out to Gail, the best sourcerer I know.

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