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Le Chef

Le Chef

I’ll bet you think I was looking for an alliteration for the word movie? No! Or did you think I used the word meringue because it’s French?  Well,  that’s partially true because the title wouldn’t be very interesting if I said Le Chef is a Movie Mulligatawny Stew! I actually picked the word meringue which came to me during the movie because a meringue is light and fluffy has very little flavor of its own and is so full of air that when you put a spoonful in your mouth…poof, it just disappears! NO SUBSTANCE!  And that pretty much sums up Le Chef, the movie.

The movie is built on clichés and contrivance, creating artificial drama out of thin air much like a soufflé  and unfortunately this one falls flat.  Oh there are some funny lines, after all it IS a French comedy, light and fluffy, desperately trying to live up to the name given these rom-com flicks in France itself, Soulfflés!

The first scene of the movie shows Jacky, the untrained professional chef getting fired for dictating to the customers, what to eat and what to drink with it.  If you want red wine, then you can’t have the veal! Oh my,  shades of Big Night!  I thought I knew where this was going, but then it moved onto the age-old dilemma of the artist and the businessman and whoops it was déja vu all over again and I was watching Jon Favreau’s Chef!

Like a fast food meal at Mickey D’s this French feast was not a 5-course meal and was over in 80 minutes! 

Dieu Merci!

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