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It's All MIne

It’s All MIne

OMG – Two weeks in a row and I’ve missed my Monday deadline.  My sincere apologies to all especially last week’s contributors!

As we continue this journey following in Ernest Hemingway’s footsteps (and that’s pretty impressive) I just want to inform anyone who has happened upon this blog today that I try to post Six Word Memoirs each Monday.  It all started with Hemingway’s six word novel or at least story;  His six words are perfectly chosen and loaded with inference and innuendo:

Baby Shoes For Sale, Never Worn”

Smith College started a project which grew to receive national attention.  The Smith project has been written about in the New York Times, AARP’s monthly magazine and in the New Yorker.  And now Pbenjay’s Blog is humbly attempting to join in the fun and creative thinking experience.  Each week, I invite my readers to contribute a Six Word Memoir of their own.  Sometimes we have a theme, most times we don’t.  I hope you’ll think about joining in the fun!

Forgive Me, I Did Not See – Lynne

The Grave Called Too Soon…Farewell – Laura

Darling I Cannot Love But One – Laura

Oops! I Took The Last One – Laura

He Sleeps, The Remote Is Mine – Pbenjay

Damn My Tweet Was Edited Out – Pbenjay

Divorce Wars =  Kids Are Collateral Damage –  Pbenjay


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