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It’s a great day for the Irish and this year St. Patrick’s Day fell on one glorious pre-spring day in New York City.  The sun was shining all day, the temperature was mild and the crowds were huge!  It was a great day for a parade and for leaving work (long lunch hour?) to watch the parade.  So I did.  And being the good blogger that I am-NOT – I left my camera home and my new Flip video.  Just think of the fab photos I could have taken today.  Instead what you see is off my blackberry and well, Oh Well….  Also since I always like to make sure when something goes wrong, it is at least partially Peter’s fault, most of the photos are of parade marchers walking away from me rather than towards the camera.  Why?  Because Peter got there first and told me where to meet him and he was on the shade side of the Avenue and that put the camera in the shade – I had to wait till the marchers past me so I could have the sun shining on them and not back-lighting (oh that is way too technical).  Anyway I was able to snap a few good ones of my favorites which are the bagpipers.  They are so fabulous and the mournful sounds of Amazing Grace always makes me weepy.

Bagpipers in colorful plaid

The marchers came from all over – we saw a very large contingency from Londonderry , New Hampshire.   There were several units of ramrod straight Marines and of course New York’s beloved Fireman and Policemen.   The Emerald Societies from both departments were out in full force.  Step Dancers, Fife and Drum Corps, large delegations from various counties all walked by smiling, waving and wishing all a Happy St. Paddy’s Day.   Lots of beautiful colleens, some in native garb and others waving bright green flags.    And then there were the I’m feeling no pain and it’s okay to look like a jerk on St. Paddy’s Day.

The Green Flags are Flying

Goofy Green

Band the Drum Slowly

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