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Up until now during this election I’ve kept my feelings, beliefs, and opinions pretty much to myself (in this blog) BUT Election Day is drawing closer and the race is closer than I thought it would be.   I don’t expect anyone who reads my blog to be swayed by anything I write – I assume you have already made up your mind.  Actually I can’t imagine anyone NOT knowing at this point who they would vote for.  I’ve known exactly who I would vote for in every election I’ve ever participated in whether it be local or national, I guess when I make up my mind, I don’t usually change it!

However, just in case there are some lingering Latino voters out there or some Republicans who are offended by Romney’s tactless and rude remarks, you might enjoy watching this clip by Rosie Perez.  And if you are a Democrat and planning to vote accordingly, you’ll love it!

A big thank you to fellow blogger, Spinny Liberal for posting this video. I saw it and just had to reblog!!

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