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Up until two weeks ago I wasn’t really thinking it was winter yet!  After all the calendar says it’s not winter yet BUT after Hurricane Sandy followed by a Nor’easter which blanketed us in snow…Uhmmmm I think it has arrived!  The birds at our feeders are there ALL day long and their day begins just before dawn!  The squirrels are right there along side the multitudes of sparrows, hanging on the squirrel-proof feeder.  We have put ears of dried corn out for the squirrels thinking that might dissuade them from the bird seed and suet.  Well it hasn’t, but we’re cutting everybody some slack because we think they’re storing up for, what else, winter!

Murray captured some feathered friends in the parks of New York City.  As always,many of his photos capture the personality and attitude of the species.  Even when he is photographing the very common, very ubiquitous House Sparrows, the pictures are excellent.

Central park, New York City, house sparrow

A perky tri-color House Sparrow

purple thrush, central park, New York Cit

Male Purple Thrush Berry Happy

lovely lady cardinal, central park, red cardinal

Lovely Lady Cardinal

An In-Your-Face Sparrow

Camera-shy Woodpecker

Female Purple Thrush


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