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It’s been a hot and buggy summer, I mean hot and muggy!  Well actually, it was a little buggy too.  Murray with his macro lens in hand, gave us some very up close and personal photos of bees, yellow jackets, wasps, hornets and a veritable bouquet of buds, blooms and blossoms.  Through his eyes and the eye of the camera, we saw the hair (?) on the legs of the black wasp, the pollen sacs of a bee and the lacy lines nature etched on the wings of a fly and butterflies.

Recently Murray visited Central Park and got some great shots of a turtle and a water lilly.

Central Park, turtle, lilly pad

"Ah, here I am "


"Mmmm pretty but a bit slippery"


"Just another day at the beach for me"


Where did he go?


"Here I am"

Photos courtesy of Murray Head


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Fab Foto Friday

Murray has been back in Central Park where there are gardens galore.  And where there are gardens, there bees, yellow jackets, hornets, wasps and butterflies.  Today’s Fab Fotos are all about being the Queen.  Unfortunately in this case, the Queen works as hard as any worker bee.  Also I don’t believe this is a Queen Bee BUT that’s what we called these big black and yellow/white buzzing bees.  We were very afraid of getting stung by one of them because it hurt much more than a yellow jacket or bumble bee, I wonder why??

Probing the Pod for Pollen

A Queen's Work Is Never Done

Knee and Neck Deep

Queen Bee on Delicate Purple Flower

And What Exactly Was The Fly Doing

All photos by Murray Head


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You may think this is just any old frog, but look closely because I think this toad is really a prince just waiting for that kiss!!  Two beautiful Swallowtail specimens,

toad, prince

"Kiss me, I'm A Prince"

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly

The Green Lantern

Cabbage (Butterfly) and Clover


"I'm loving me some pollen"

All photos courtesy of Murray Head – This Morning in the Garden


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