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Today turned out to be one early summer’s all time great sunny and not too humid days!  What a day for a parade!  And so Ocean Grove, known as God‘s Square Mile at the Jersey Shore held their annual Fourth of July parade.   Very small town and just the kind of parade I love for this holiday.  Hometown parades are full of charm and just about everybody else;  Today, we saw Police, a local dance academy, Revolutionary-garbed riflemen, Rainbow Girls, Shriners, local tennis club, fire trucks, the Historical Society…well you get the picture, need I go on??

fourth of July parade, volunteer firemen, vintage fire truck
Rocky Mount Vintage Fire Engine
clown, fourth of July parade
Clowning Around
vintage cars,

Classic Antique Autos

horse and carriage

Ocean Grove's Own Horse & Carriage

And what’s one of the best things about this parade?  Most of the marchers throw penny candy to the crowd.  I was very happy to be standing next to these two young men, Jordan and Jayden because I love getting the candy but certainly shouldn’t eat it – so I gave it to the boys!  I knew their pockets would never hold all the candy, so I gave Jayden a brown paper bag I had and you can see in the picture how full it was by the end of the parade.  It’s great to be a grandma because then the worry of the eventual sugar high never even enters your mind!

Jordan and Jayden

Photos by Lori

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