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An Oxymoron??

Buzzwords!  When did they creep into our conversation?  There are buzzwords used exclusively by Gen X and Gen Y, and Gen D(igital),  BUT the best buzzwords are used in corporate America!  That world is just FULL of buzzwords.  I wonder who started the trend, when did it become so cool to speak in acronyms?

And there are even buzzwords that describe blogging and bloggers and blogs themselves.

  1. Blahger:  A blogger whose message primarily consists of blah-blah-blah.
  2. Blalker:  Someone who uses a blog to stalk or hound another individual.
  3. Bleg:  To use one’s blog for assistance (usually for information, but occasionally for money).  One who does so is a blegger.
  4. Blogives:  Web log archives.  (Somewhere in the million blogs that fill  cyberspace, there must be something worth saving for posterity).
  5. Blogna sandwich:  When employees spend their time reading blogs during their lunch breaks
  6. BlookA book that began as a blog and someone figured they could make money off it if they published the same stuff on paper.
  7. Flyblogged:  The result of unwanted spam being posted to an open blog, just as flies stick to flypaper.  “I have just been comprehensively flyblogged”.  Coined by technology analyst Bill Thompson.
  8. Pajamahadeen: The new media watchdogs.  Bloggers who spend their days surfing the Net, challenging and fact-checking the traditional media.
  9. Splog:  A fake blog created by spammers as a home for their ads and scams.  Of the 7,000 new blogs started each day, nearly 10% are now splogs.
  10. Thought parsing:  To filter online blogs in a manner that allows you to see what others are thinking (or at least writing).

Source: The Buzzword Dictionary

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