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I figured that headline would be a grabber! Alright, so your guests have showered and they don’t smell but you are tired of cooking, serving and cleaning up.  I happened to have received an email from Grub Street , daily food news from New York magazine and the article featured was Hosting Duties:Where To Take Out-Of-Towners Visiting New York.  So if your holiday guests are still visiting, you might want to consider dining out at some of these places.

If the house guests are his parents or yours and they are paying, consider trying to make a reservation at the hot new place in Midtown, Rotisserie Georgette.  I had the opportunity of dining there recently and the place was jumping.  The menu is not extensive by any means and most of the dishes seem  to center around chicken.  The food was delicious, the service was attentive and our waiter was more than eager to make suggestions.

Everyone knows that pizza is a New York staple and by the slice mind you!  Your out-of-town guest loves pizza and is dying to sample real New York pizza.  There a couple branches of Motorino in Manhattan and unlike most pizzerias, Motorino serves up appetizers and dessert.  There’s another nice little twist to getting a slice here, the pizza is cut upon request; nice touch!  Or Joe’s Pizza on Carmine St. where pizza rules;  No garlic knots, no heroes, no concoctions on pizza, just perfect pizza.  Traditionally thin crust, bold sauce and cheese that doesn’t taste like rubber.

If your sister is in town with her 3 little kids, you need to find a place that’s casual, fun and if the kids cause a riot, you won’t be embarrassed.  Try Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue or Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, the names speak for themselves, the kids will be happy.

New York has its share of celebrity chefs and if your guests can’t wait to go home and brag about whose restaurant they ate at, then hop on downtown to Lupa Osteria Romana, Mario Batali’s trattoria.  The restaurant is extremely popular and is always crowded in the evening.  Take them out to lunch for some Ricotta Gnocchi.  If it’s famous that they want, Tom Colicchio’s Craft may be the place to go.  Chef Colicchio is a fanatic for fresh ingredients and has set the standard for the new wave of restaurants that are conceived, presented and eaten in this Green Market era.  

Grandma and Grandpa are still in town and want to take you out so pick a place that’s not too stuffy but is quiet and accommodating.  Maialino, which means Little Pig and is Danny Meyer’s version of a trattoria has a beautiful view of Gramercy Park.  Porter House New York is a well-heeled steakhouse overlooking Columbus Circle and would be a very nice choice.

The article on where to take who has many more recommendations;  I suggest you check it out at http://www.grubstreet.com/2013/12/guide-to-taking-out-of-towners-to-dinner.html – copy and paste.

Porter House New York

Porter House New York

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Cover of "My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs ...

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The title of this blog post is a phrase that my husband has said to me many, many times!  Why? Well, because for some reason, I often (almost always) have a difficult time deciding what I would like to order when we are dining out.  And put me in an ice cream shoppe and I revert to a kid with a nickel in a penny candy store!  I can’t pick a flavor I want, I want all of them.  Mostly I order two different flavors for my cone or cup.  Hey at least I’m getting two out of the 3o I had to choose from!!  When this behavior takes hold, Peter looks at me and reminds me, “This probably won’t be your last meal”. 

Little did I know that there’s a book and a game about your last supper!  Actually not your last supper but rather the last meal of 50 great chefs.  The title of the book is: My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals/Portraits, Interiews, Recipes, Melanie Dunea is the author.  

If the title of the book alone is not intriguing enough for you to purchase  one for the Foodie on your list, then let me drop a few names of the very famous chefs who have been interviewed for the book and they’re so famous, I need only to use their first names:  Wylie, Lidia, Scott, Daniel, Mario, Gordon, Jean-Georges, Alain and MORE!   

The following has been excerpted from Amazon’s web site – Chefs have been playing the “My Last Supper” game among themselves for decades, if not centuries, but it had always been kept within the profession until now. Melanie Dunea came up with the ingenious idea to ask fifty of the world’s famous chefs to let her in on this insider’s game and tell her what their final meals would be. My Last Supper showcases their fascinating answers alongside stunning Vanity Fair-style portraits. Their responses are surprising, refreshing, and as distinct from each other as the chefs themselves. The portraits–gorgeous, intimate, and playful–are informed by their answers and reveal the passions and personalities of the most respected names in the business. Lastly, one recipe from each landmark meal is included in the back of the book. With My Last Supper, Dunea found a way into the typically harried, hidden minds of the people who have turned preparing food into an art. Who wouldn’t want to know where Alain Ducasse would like his supper to be? And who would prepare Daniel Boulud‘s final meal? What would Anthony Bourdain‘s guest list look like? As the clock ticked, what album would Gordon Ramsay be listening to? And just what would Mario Batali eat for the last time?

I think this would be a really interesting addition to any Foodie’s cookbook collection!  Personally I would love it, however, I just received a fantastic present of a cookbook.  My FB friend, Melissa sent me an autographed copy of Ree Drummond a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman‘s  latest cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks Holidays.   This gift is very special;  I’ve never met Melissa and she lives in Texas.  She posted on Facebook that she was going to a book signing by Ree.  I replied to her how lucky she was because I’m follower of Ree’s blog.  She offered to get me a copy and would not allow me to pay for it.  Isn’t that a wonderfully generous gift to receive for Christmas?

My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals/Interviews/Recipes  is available through Amazon.com for $30.11

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