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Kato, ReiD


It’s almost Saturday and Thursday’s Top Ten and Friday’s Fab Fotos are still in my head and not posted yet.  But I think if I put my mind to it, I can knock out the two posts before midnight.  I’m up because I’m waiting for the orzo to cool off.  Yes you did read that right, if it comes out the way I hope it does, it just might be Tuesday’s Tasty Tidbit recipe.  But back to the list….

The Green Hornet had a lot of Continuity issues, here are some of them:

  1. Kato shoots against the black beauty and aims for the bottles behind him. He shoots the bottles in the mirror in a different order than they actually break.
  2. Seth Rogan is in bed with a hot girl and talking to his father.  From the father’s view point, the sheets are pulled up high on the girl but from the opposite view point, the sheets are at her waist.
  3. When Reid and Kato are fighting by the pool, the beach ball falls off the chair (besides the pool) and into the water.  In the next shot, it is up on the chair again.
  4. When Kato rides up on his motorcycle and looks through the fence at Reid begging Lenore to come outside, she is standing inside beside the sliding glass doors.  From Reid’s view point she is outside!
  5. When the crime boss shakes down the club owner, he leaves a briefcase with a bomb in it, inside.  He goes out to explode it but the first thing to explode are club’s billboard lights which are not near the club.  Then the club explodes as is a bomb went off.

Bridesmaids has a few mistakes to add to the list too.

  1. When Annie and the cop are drinking in the bar, the people behind the bar change from one man in a dark shirt to a guy in a checkered shirt and a gal.
  2. The heavy-set bridesmaid wears an ace bandage on her left wrist throughout the movie but in the bridal shower scene, the bandage is on her right wrist.
  3. Kirsten Wiig upon leaving  John Hamm‘s house can’t get the gate open so she throws her purse over the wall but when she finally climbs over and is out, the purse is nowhere to be seen.
  4. And in Transformers, after Sam and Seymour visited the cosmonauts, when they left and were attacked on the Interstate, they were supposed to be in DC but when they passed a green interstate sign it was for I-88 to Aurora which is in Chicago.
  5. Optimus uses the Matrix of Leadership to revive Sentinal Prime.  Problem is that the Sentinal was in the Sun Harvester and that was destroyed in the first movie.

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