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NYC Subway 6 Train

NYC Subway 6 Train Otherwise Known As The Green Line.


Oy has it been a crazy past couple of days.  I left the shore on Sunday (a glorious sunny day I might add) to return to New York City by train so I could conduct an open house at one of my listings.  I gave myself just enough time with a very narrow margin for error but that wasn’t because I like to live on the edge, rather, I was dependent on the NJ Transit system to get home.


I made it to the train on time in New Jersey and as I sped away from the station, I reached into my handbag for my cell phone and uh oh it was still at the shore.  I decided not to panic, well there was nothing to be done anyway.  My concerns were not phone calls as much as possible emails and texts from brokers trying to register customers or worse from my seller who would not know why I was incommunicado at this time.


Things were moving along nicely;  the connecting train at Long Branch was there and so we took off on time.  I had my Kindle with me and not much else since the plan was that Peter and our grandson return sometime on Monday.  In the meantime, Cash’s mom arrived in NJ to spend some beach time with her father and son.  They got the sun and the sand and I got the Open House   😦Just outside of Secaucus the train stopped and I started to fidget.  THIS is exactly what I was afraid of!  What if? I don’t even have a cell phone to contact either the seller or a colleague to pinch hit for me. And since we are all now SO DEPENDENT on our electronic devices, I don’t even know what time it is because I don’t have a watch on!


The train eventually got moving and we slid into the tunnel of Penn Station and I prayed I would be able to find a rest room quickly and get on the subway to head uptown.  Oh but I forgot to tell you, I didn’t have my Metro card;  No, that was still in my apartment!  After a quick trip to the ladies’ room and boy did I ever luck out!  The line coming in as I was leaving would have given me the figurative heart attack.


I headed for the red line – Peter hates it when I refer to the subway lines by their color dots;  he sometimes refers to the IRT, whatever that is lol lol.  Really, I’m from Connecticut, to me the colors make sense.  Anyway, in order to get on the subway I had to buy a Metro card because I left mine in my apartment (like I somehow forgot I planned on taking the train back on Sunday). The line to the ticket booth was about 20 deep.  There were two lines to the two machines and each was LONG and filled with tourists.  I figure they were tourists because three quarters of the line did NOT know how to use the machine.  I tried to practice some form of total Zen zoning and not tap my foot too much.  When finally it was my turn at the screen don’t you know the cursed hunk of no good metal and electronics would not let me purchase a Single Ride.  Ever mindful of the crowd behind me I just said, “what the f__?” and bought a $10.00 card.  I have a senior citizen discount Metro card and am totally annoyed that I had to buy this card so I could get home and work.


I thought I should take a cab across town on 86th St but since everything else was going  askew and downhill, of cou


English: An Old sign for the IRT at the Wall S...

 An Old sign for the IRT at the Wall Street 2/3 stop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


rse there were no cabs.  I wondered if they were on strike.  A bus came along and I hopped on and at least had the gratification and satisfaction of getting a transfer for my $10.00 splurge.  The bus made pretty good time or so I thought because as you know, I had no watch or phone.  I dashed across the street and flew into my building only to come face to face with the seller who was as surprised to see me as I was her.   “Did I get her text?”  Uh no, and I have to explain how I left my phone in NJ.  And by the way, please excuse me I have to run upstairs, change my clothes, brush my hair and teeth and get to your apartment if you please.


Peter on the other hand and in the other state had his daughter and grandson to entertain.  He’s not really used to being a solo host.  Well, at least they had great weather and spent two days at the beach.  They were supposed to come home on Monday which turned into Monday night and then he called to ask what did I think about them spending another night at the cottage and he would return during the day on Tuesday.  I had appointments to show my listing on Tuesday but our cat, Nicky also had an appointment at the Vet’s on Tuesday.  It was going to be grueling round trip to bring guests back to NYC, take the cat to the veterinarian and when I finished doing the laundry he brought back, we would return to NJ.  In between appointments and his return I even managed to go to Starbucks and get a pedicure.  He looked like he had been doing battle for two days.


Back and forth, up and down and around and around we go.



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OH I had so many titles in my head today for this blog; It was a day of making do, a day where if it could go wrong, it went wrong…oy what a day!   And why? Well if I ask my sister-in-law, Juanita, she would say,”Mercury is in retrograde” and if I asked my friend Susan, she might say, “It is what it is”.  I say when you don’t have a lot of money,  you have to go  outside your comfort zone to get something done and along the way, if it can go wrong it will.  I’m not a total pessimist and I’m not saying every day is like that BUT today….!!! and I’ll try to be concise.

I woke up with oozing eye and a puffy eyelid as a result of trouble that began last night when I was out and of course did not have my lens case with me so I couldn’t take it out.  I got on the bus with my $1.15 in change because my metro card rang NOT VALID yesterday. YIKES I thought my account must be overdrawn since the card is an EZPay auto refill. I tried making a quick call to the bank – Oh ha, ha, ha, like anyone could ever make a quick call.  I’m sure the woman on the other end was in a foreign country anyway since I couldn’t hear nor understand her.

English: image edited to hide card's owner nam...

English: image edited to hide card’s owner name. author: Arturo Portilla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m on the bus headed to West 114th Street for a bone density test. Why there? Well, I had no health insurance from 2009 till mid 2012 when I went on Medicare. I had to find a way to get mammograms and some general health care should I need it. Seek in this City and ye shall find!  Hence I’m on my way to St. Luke’s Roosevelt.  And from them, I learned about the Ryan Health Center which is located also way uptown on the West side but is  heaven sent for people who don’t have insurance and need general health care.  The difference is, as you can guess, no frills but good skills and long, long waits.

Just before I left the house I looked at my phone and of course  it was on critical battery. It is always on critical or almost dead.  I’ve just been procrastinating doing something about it because I haven’t found 2 hours of my life I can give over to do battle with Verizon!  So I grabbed my charger and figured I would have time in the waiting room to charge it.  I checked my emails before it died completely and there it was…an email from the broker telling me that his buyer was backing out of the deal we had just accepted the night before and in doing so broke some couple’s heart who really wanted the apartment. Uh huh, this was going to be quite a day!

I had asked Peter to call the MTA to find out what was wrong with my Metro card  while I was gone  and should have known better.   It’s hard enough dealing with any public agency person to person let alone trying to have a 3rd party do it. Of course, there were no outlets in the waiting room and Peter called on the dying cell trying to get info from me for the MTA and of course they called my name at that moment and I had to hang up. Then the woman behind the desk said she didn’t see any Lori on the list and where was my referral? Of course this was the morning I left the referral home.  A supervisor happened by while I was explaining I DID have an appointment and she asked me my name to which I replied, “Lori or maybe it’s under Lorraine”.  Oh yes, there it is ! I guess looking at the list and seeing the same last name but with a shorter-but-also an L name did NOT ring a bell.

In the test room I was asked to remove  the ID bracelet I had on my right arm. This was actually my husband’s high school bracelet with a very old fashioned kind of double lobster claw clasp.  I couldn’t see the clasp (no lens, no glasses) to undo it. The woman couldn’t get it off either.  We were both laughing as I told her he put it on and maybe he would have to take it off  since it seemed locked on like a chastity belt!!

I left the hospital and headed for the clinic thinking I’m in the area and I could be a walk-in to see the ophthalmologist. Along the way, I stopped at a Starbucks to get my caffeine fix.  I ordered my usual Grande Americano with a touch of steamed brevi.  I said a touch! The counter boy charged me 60 cents for the brevi.  I protested I only wanted a splash and that on 85th St they didn’t charge! He said his manager was here and he would get in trouble, of course! I spoke to the manager and Starbucks being the customer-driven company they are, in 2 minutes I had a card for a free drink!

At the Health Center, they told me it would be an hour, so I plugged my phone into the only outlet I could find which was in a hallway and watched it so no one would steal it and waited for someone to come by and ask me just what was I thinking plugging my phone into their wall?  I tried to call Peter to find out about the Metro card and of course, they called my name immediately. I’m in with the preliminary doctor who wants to know what meds I put in my eye last night and the brand of lens I use.   I need to call Peter but my cell is dead so the physician’s assistant says I can use the office phone.  I do and of course, he’s  in the shower.  I insist he get out and get me the info because I have to have it NOW! Then back to waiting room to wait for ophthalmologist and plug in the phone charger again.  Immediately they call my name, of course!

I left the clinic and of course,  now it’s raining. I had only 20 minutes left to use my bus transfer so I race to Columbus Avenue to hop on a bus and when I put the transfer card in, the bus driver says it’s not valid – because I’m back on the same bus line I got on before! Dear God!  OK, I’ll take the cross-town bus at 96th St and then buy another fare to go south on Second Ave.  I see a bus approaching and run across the street and just make it onto the bus, drop my transfer card in the slot and I’m on my way! At Fifth Avenue, I hear a fellow passenger tell some other riders that if they want to continue East on 96th they should get off now because otherwise the bus turns – WHAT?  Of course, I’m not on the real crosstown bus!  I realize right then and there that I’m only a new New Yorker!  I inch my way to the front of the bus and ask the driver where are we going?  Luckily, at 106th St, the bus will go East again.  

On my way down Second Avenue, finally going home I decide to get to Gracie’s Diner and have Peter meet me there for a very late lunch. Uh, of course, I don’t have a cell phone to call him.  I asked the cashier if I could use her phone to call him, hoping he was home and he could just come across the street. Of course, he wasn’t home and he didn’t answer his cell phone either so I left and went home.  I did reach him and we did meet and had the best time eating brisket sandwiches and cole slaw!

So happy to be home…

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