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I’m calling Saturday’s snow storm a freak because I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much snow in October! I don’t know if the weathermen are referring to it as a freak event but I don’t remember snow storms in October.

Saturday’s snow storm brought us Sunday’s Sad Story:  Murray went into Central Park today as did many of the City’s residents to observe the destruction, the wind and snow left in their wake.

New York City and Central Park really got hit by this storm.  Apparently much of the damage was due to the fact that the trees still had their leaves which served as additional surface for the snow to collect.  The snow was wet and heavy and well the pictures tell the story better than I can.

Central park, October 29 storm

Toppled by snow

Oct 29th snow storm, New York City, Central Park

Branches Down – Leaves Fallen

Maple tree, Central Park,

A Maple Tree Falls on a Maple Leaf

New York City, Central Park, Oct 29th snow storm

Branches Snapped Off

October 29th snow storm, nyc, central park


October 29th snow storm, new york city, central park


new york, central park, October 29th snow storm

Checking Out the Damage

October 29th snow storm, new york city, central park,

“What happened?”

Plaza Hotel, Central Park

In plain sight

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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