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Flag of the United Kingdom, Union Flag.

The Union Jack

2011 is looking like a year rife with movie mistakes.  It’s only May, not even a half year and already there are many mistakes from which to make a Thursday’s Top Ten list.

  1. The Green Hornet – Reid and Kato are fighting by the pool and when they land in the water, the beach ball falls off the chair and lands beside the pool.  In the next shot, it’s back in the chair.
  2. Scream 4 – At the end of the movie, when Jill is supposed to be dead, her head moves slightly.
  3. The Dilemma – Passaflora incarnata does not cause the symptoms described in the movie.   There was one symptom, nausea which occurred but that can only happen if it is ingested and that’s not what happened in the film.
  4. Rango – When Rango is in the mayor’s office, the mayor grabs a jug of water and opens it.  In the next shot, the jug is sealed again.
  5. Rio – When Blu and Jewel are playing dead, Blu is on the right and Jewel on the left, but when the sheet is removed, their positions have switched.
  6. Pirates of the Carribean– On Stranger Tides – Captain Barbossa‘s ship is flying a modern Union Jack.  The Cross of St. Patrick is included in the flag’s field.  However, the film is set between 1727-1760 and Ireland did not become part of the United Kingdom until 1801.
  7. Water For ElephantsThe invitation from August to Jacob uses the name Rosenbluth and not Rosenblum.
  8. Source CodeColter is looking at Derek Foster‘s license and it reads his hometown as Northfield, ILL.  The three letter state abbreviation is out-dated.  Later when Goodwin and Rutledge are showing the passenger’s ID’s on the computer screen, Frost’s license appears as Chicago, IL.   Different city, different abbreviation.
  9. Bridesmaids – Anne goes up a second time to toast Lillian and in the close-up shot, you see her holding the microphone in her left hand and the champagne flute in her right.  The camera shows the audience and then returns to Anne who is now holding the glass in her left hand and the microphone in her right.
  10. Midnight in ParisWhen  Gil is walking along the river bank, watch the left side of the bridge  ahead and you will see a crowd watching the filming.

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