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And the answer is BECAUSE when early settlers of North America spotted this little creature they called it King Billies, referring to William of Orange who was King of England in 1689.  Wow who knew???

These butterflies are beautiful, delicate and luckily for us, inhabit most of North America.  Murray took some lovely photos of the Monarch butterfly.  You can almost feel the velvety texture of its wings.  And as a bonus, there are couple of photographs of a SpiceBush Swallowtail whose markings are quite similar to the Monarch. And I have absolutely no idea why that butterfly is called a SpiceBush Swallowtail!

Long Live the Queen

The Monarch is an industrious pollinator

Note the distinct markings of the Monarch

The SpiceBush Swallowtail

A Swallowtail Swooping Away

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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