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Sometimes you just can’t help yourself!  I HAVE to post these photos of my beautiful grandchildren and their beautiful mother (oak, acorn, apple, get it??).   The pictures were taken this week in Carl Shurtz Park. 

Emma Cleary, Frankie, Francesca, Carl Shurtz park

Francesca Tip-Toeing Thru The Tulips

photo by Emma Cleary

Carl Shurtz park, Finley Ray, Francesca, Frankie, Chiara berti clark

Oh So Pretty

Photo by Emma Cleary

Finny, Gigi's Finley Ray, Carl Shurtz park,


photo by Emma Cleary

Francesca, Frankie, pink tulips, Carl Shurtz park

Ooh the sidewalk is hot Mommy!

photo by Emma Cleary

arabesque, Finley Ray, Finny, Carl Shurtz park


photo by Emma Cleary

ice cream with sprinkles, Finny, Finley Ray

Just like Gigi, I love ice cream

photo by Emma Cleary

Finny, Chiara, Francesca

Looking at You, Baby

photo by Emma Cleary

Frankie, Francesca, Carl Shurtz park

This is NOT a bed of roses!

photo by Emma Cleary

Finley Ray, Finny, Carl Shurtz

Flower Power

photo by Emma Cleary

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