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Tasty Tidbits Tuesday

I admit I didn’t plan my trip to Boston very well, otherwise I would have remembered to bring a recipe with me to share with you all on Tasty Tidbits Tuesday. BUT lucky for me Chiara’s friend Jocelyn came for dinner and brought her friend, Cody.  Turns out Cody was the big hit of the evening. First off, Finley invited her to build blocks with her AND jump on her bubble wrap -an honor in itself.  Then during dinner, I found out that Cody blogged and also followed Where’s George!  I know you must be wondering what Where’s George is all about; it will have to be another blog.  Then Pasha, Chiara’s Siamese cat jumped on her lap and stayed there the whole evening and he is NOT friendly.  Lastly and best of all, I discovered that Cody blogged and her niche is  COOKING! Didn’t that just turn out perfect for me?  I’m happy to present you with a link to her blog:

The Gourmet Analyst

I think you will find her post on Butternut Squash and Apple Soup to be just the meal for this Halloween weekend.  I know when my kids were little I always tried to get something hot, quick and healthy into them BEFORE they went out trick or treating!  Enjoy the soup and check out some of her other recipes too.


Cody's Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

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