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I think I’m setting a record for myself by making this three weeks in a row that I’ve failed to post Six Word Memoir Monday on the appropriate day of the week!  Good God!! Me, Miss Organization!  The definition of the saying, “A day late and a dollar short”  is late and ill-prepared.  Mmmm I’ve got to clean up this act next week.

So last week, I suggested a Six Word Memoir on advice.  I thought it would be easy but my brain has only been functioning in real estate mode now for the last couple of weeks.  NOT that, that isn’t good because it is, work is work after all.

Here’s what I received in the way of reader contributions:

1. “Don’t just eat vanilla, try pistachio” – Laura

2. “Remember, there are always other options” – Me

3. “Smiles are free….Give away plenty” – Laura

4. “Every action = reaction, good or bad” – Me

And from the contributors to Smith Magazine‘s Six Word Memoir Project, we have the following gems:

1.”You made your bed….Remake it” – LotLessMonster

2. “Trials and tribulations, harbingers of revelations” – Daisylublue

3. “Choose the path of least regret” – anb7

4. “It’s never too late for Paris” – 0opsalittle

Next week how about Thanksgiving in 6 courses – Uh no I mean Six Words!

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