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I’ve been experiencing a lot of issues lately uploading photos, previewing posts and actually being able to access my admin bar. I’ve been in touch with the Support staff at WordPress.com and am trying a few things.  I need to see if a photo I upload will show in my preview screen before I publish it.  That’s why today you are seeing our oh so cute 1958 Metropolitan.

In 2010 I posted a photo on Facebook and a couple of days ago my cousin who must have been scrolling thru my photos came across it and hit LIKE.  Well, you know that brings the picture to the forefront again and in the last few day 45 people have LIKED it and we’ve received several comments.  OMG! The photo is not reaching “friends of friends” and has gone far and beyond.

A Perfect Match

A Perfect Match

This isn’t the same photo BUT it is of our adorable little Metropolitan with it’s SOCUTE license plate and here are 10 reasons why we love it.

1. It’s a people-stopper! Parked in front of the cottage, people stop constantly to look and take a picture.

2. When my husband drives it, it’s a chick-magnet.

3. When I drive it, men follow me to where I park it and ask me all kinds of questions and admire it.

4. It’s small enough to fit in most parking spaces

5. We get to belong to a national car club MOCNA-Metropolitan Owners Club of North America

6. We actually get to drive it – it’s not so classic that it only sits in a garage.

7. It gets great mileage and always gets a big smile at the gas station

8. When we drive it, people in other cars or on the sidewalks hoot, holler, toot and give us a thumbs-up sign.

9. Peter sits on the front porch with his martini and greets all the pretty young girls who stop and squeal over how cute the car it is.

10. We get to go to Vintage Car Shows and are the only Metropolitan included!

So Cute at a Vintage Car Show

So Cute at a Vintage Car Show

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Well those of you who know me (and my husband) and recently a good friend described us to her friend as “they’re so retro”, know that almost all things old and vintage are revered and quite possibly collected by us.  I sometimes refer to my apartment as a tchotcha museum, while others have referred to it as the archives.  So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that of course we love vintage classic cars!  Really, who doesn’t?

The cars from the 1930’s. 40’s and 50’s are Classic;  Clearly they don’t make them like they used to.  First of all, those cars were made with steel, not fiberglass so to get a dent on your bumper someone would really have to smack you and with their weight they didn’t sway on the highway.  Besides the fact that every make and model looked different so that when one was coming your way you knew whether it was a Ford or DeSoto or a Chevy or a Lincoln, for me I loved the mascots (hood ornaments to those of you who….).  I have several mascots from vintage cars and have them mounted and on display in my Art Deco living room.  They were in fact beautiful pieces of chrome sculpture!  But I digress.  So what about the cars – we often go to Vintage Car Shows in the tri-state area and I take photos when I remember to bring the camera and the extra battery (lol).

vintage cars

Sleek Silver and Spectacular

photo by Murray Head

Green With Envy

photo by Murray Head


Daddy Took the T-Bird Away

photo by Murray Head

Resplendent in Red

photo by Murray Head

Vintage car show

Gorgeous - Both of Them!

photo by Murray Head

hood mascot, hood ornament, swan, pelican

A Thing of Beauty

photo by Murray Head

Chevy, chevrolet

Big Blue and Beautiful

photo by Lori

Buick Woody, Woody, station wagon

Buick Woody Station Wagon

photo by Lori

wire wheels, luggage carrier,

Wire Wheels and a Luggage Carrier TOO!

photo by Lori

1958 Metropolitan, So Cute, the Met

So Cute

photo by Lori

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Saturday: 6:00am – Peter jumps out of bed.  That is SO unusual that it bears repeating: 6:00am and Peter is out of bed. Why? Well this is the day of the Ocean Grove Vintage Car Show.  We like to park our car on the north side of Main Avenue where we are perfectly situated for: the sun, across the street from the Barbaric Bean coffee shop and a couple of doors either way to the Bake Shop or Nagle’s (ice cream, breakfast and everything in between).  So Peter figured if he drove the car over at 6:00am he would pretty much have his pick of parking spots (because the police had already cleared the street of non-participatory cars.  He backed into a spot in front of Ocean Grove Hardware and walked home and crawled back in bed.  The cats and I were where he left us, sprawled out and asleep.

About 9:00 we were back on Main Avenue and people had already started to walk along the street admiring the many, many vintage cars.  There were some really old Fords and Packards, Mustangs from the 60’s and 70″s, a VW Beetle, a beautiful turquoise and white Ford Crown Victoria, cars in every color of the 50’s car color wheel!  BUT there was ONLY ONE Metropolitan!  The car draws lots of oohs and ahs and squeals of “oh it’s SO CUTE”.

1958 Met, Nash, Metropolitan, Ocean Grove vintage car show, so cute

The Met on display

The show was fun to do, we met lots of our neighbors and friends strolling along Main Avenue.  BUT one of the best things about this vintage car show is that the Chamber of Commerce hires RB Express, a FANTASTIC singing group specializing in Doo Wop.   I LOVE these guys!!! People are dancing on Main Avenue, they’re singing songs to which I know all the words and what a trip  it is down memory lane.  A good time was had by all.  Check out the link below (the smaller print and second one down) – Blogfinger who has some great pictures of the day long event.

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The week hasn’t been going the way you want it to; annoyed with your boss, one of your friends has been thoughtless, an unexpected bill arrives, you have to go to the dentist, your child has not called in two weeks, you haven’t seen your grandchildren in months, spring sprung and then it got cold again, the cat knocked over the new plant just after you watered it and now wet mud is on the carpet, you went to get a bottle of red wine from the cupboard and there is ONLY room temperature white left, you’re making dinner when you realize you’re missing a necessary ingredient, your husband didn’t leave you enough milk for your breakfast, the green paint you bought to spray paint one of the wicker chairs is definitely NOT the same shade as the cap, you cut your finger while slicing onions and you’re crying aleady, he forget to set the DVR to record Grey’s Anatomy, your accountant charged you more for preparing your taxes than you thought he would, one of the cats threw up a hairball in the hallway and you stepped on it, your computer screen keeps jumping around like it has the jitters, you put dry cat food out at night for the cats and in the morning there are ants in the dish, after you insisted that your husband put some of the screens up, the weather turned cold, your husband tells you he lost his wedding band, the renter for whom you spent 2 days researching pied a terres shows up and tells you his wife has a dog she always travels with, you show up at an estate sale that has been cancelled, you actually knit an inch longer on the sweater sleeve than you were supposed to, your husband left the steel wool he was working with in the sink and now it has rusted, the lawn service guy mowed your lawn after you told him not to, oh no! there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom, you realize your husband forgot to get the oil changed on the SUV, the landlord promised to get you a new sink 3 months ago and so you buy the damn thing yourself and now have to haul it back to NYC, you discover that the DVD’s are overdue at the video store, you filled the bird feeder hoping the pair of cardinals would show up and instead three pigeons arrive, you open the door on Sunday morning and the New York Times is NOT there and when you arrive at Starbucks for your morning fix of a Grande Americano and you have no money left on your Starbucks card.


Metropolitan, 1958 Metro, Christmas morning,SO CUTE, Lois Lane, Ocean Grove, Nash Metropolitan

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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