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After our encounter at Forrest we decided to just keep on going down the road, we’ll see where it takes us.  For someone who drives everyday, I thought Joel might not want to drive so much, but he also wants to see Italy.  We see a sign and a turn for Castelvenere and we go.

The first impression which seems to be the most common first impression EVERYWHERE is that it is so quiet. Where is everyone?  Of course, we can’t seem to adapt to the fact that between 1:00 and 4:00, it’s all closed, everything, everywhere.


Il gatto dormi


Joel plays to a full house (of empty seats) and a standing “O”.


Stucco and stone is everywhere in Italy. Castelvenere is pretty and clean


This beautiful serene doorway just caught my eye.


And I did let Joel get into the act!

We found a little cafe with some tables outside, perfect for a bite to,eat and drink.  A sunny lazy day in Italy.

Ciao for now !

To be continued…


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