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Everybody got up at 9am and Wendy went to Main Avenue to buy coffee while I potchkied around; making beds, putting away dishes and feeding the cats. We had plans to go out to breakfast and I thought we should go to Sunset Landing, which is a really sweet little place with a large deck overlooking a lake. We were lucky to get an umbrella-shaded table with a great view of the geese and ducks parading around the shoreline.

 After downing multiple cups of coffee and delicious omelets, we were supposed to go the craft store so I could return some items I bought for the Fairy Garden I’m planning on making when Finley is here. And every time I mention it, Peter asks me, ”What’s a fairy garden? And is this because you saw the fairies in Maleficent”?

 On our way I suggested we stop at Sunset Farms to see if Wendy could buy a squirrel. No, I don’t mean the furry gray kind, because you don’t actually have to buy one of those, you can get one in Central Park if you’re so inclined. No, Wendy wanted a small cast-stone one like we have on our front steps and in our yard. Cute little critters who don’t eat all the birdseed and plant corn kernels in our lawn. I thought Sunset Farm might have one, although we purchased ours from a nice couple who make them and sell them at the Town’s flea market.

What's In A Name?

What’s In A Name?

 We looked around and finally found a shelf where there were turtles, frogs, bunnies, elves and gargoyles but no squirrels. As we were heading out the door, THERE IT WAS! Not a little gray squirrel but rather a very large brown elephant! I thought all elephants were gray but no matter to Wendy, she saw it and made a beeline for it. She just about screamed, “I love it”! She wanted me to put it on the floor so she could see how it would look. I thought it was a hard plastic – NOT! It was heavy and cool to the touch; I couldn’t even move it on the shelf. One of the staff came over and told us that it was made of metal and it was very, very heavy. And what was Wendy’s reply? “I love it, I want it”. In one quick lucid moment, she wondered how she would get it to New York and of course I said, we would bring it back in our car. A man put it on a rolling cart and wheeled it over to the car where Peter just about died as this man opened our car door and we had to try to find a space for the elephant. Not an easy task since there were already 3 air conditioners in the back, a bag of bags (don’t ask) and a milk crate filled with the essentials such as a gallon of water, some towels, a raincoat, binoculars, a hat, a pair of flip flops….are you getting the picture? Elephant in, Wendy in, I’m in and Peter, shaking his head and rolling his eyes got in and off we went to the craft store where I returned half of the items I bought 2 days ago for the Fairy Garden. Do you have any idea how much a fairy garden can cost? We’ll discuss that in another blog.

 In the meantime, this is going to be a two-part blog as I post more of It All Happened When…,tomorrow.

 One of problems with owning a very, very heavy elephant is the fact that you just can’t pick it up and turn it over, so Wendy doesn’t really know whether this pachyderm is a male or a female and therefore she can’t come up with a name! She requested that I ask my readers to help her out in this area. I’ve posted a photo of her elephant and if you have an idea as to its gender, please comment below AND PLEASE send in some name suggestions.  This cute elephant should not remain nameless!!

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