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About a week ago, I was in the Grove and it was a miserable night.  It had been raining for a while and due to the bad drainage problem on our street, there was a river of water about 2 feet wide I had to cross or jump over to get into my car.  I needed to go to the grocery store and it was getting late.  When I came out of the grocery store, I was pelted with hail.  Literally marble size balls of ice were raining down on me as I tried to quickly get all the bags into the car.  Driving home the road was covered with these rolling pellets.  And then I had to try to leap over the river while holding grocery bags.

After I got all of the groceries put away, it started to thunder and lightning.  At the first sound of thunder, the cats disappeared up the stairs and under the bed.  THEN, a crack of thunder hit and the whole house shook and I knew those cats were gone for the night.  It was so loud and so close that I immediately looked out the front windows to see what if anything had been hit.  I couldn’t see anything and then one, two,  three and then four and five fire engines roared up Broadway and turned north on Central Ave.   I called Susan and Jim and asked if they could see where the engines went and I kept looking to the north sky for that dreaded orange glow.  Jim said he could see the engines and he would check it out.  I soon received a call telling me that a house had been struck by lightning on Embury Ave but didn’t seem to be on fire although all trucks ready and on standby.

This is what Mother Nature wrought upon Ocean Grove that night!

oCEAN gROVE,  Embury ave, thundersnow, lightning

Lightning strikes

Embury Ave, Ocean Grove NJ, lightning strikes, thundersnow

Lightning bolt through the turret

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