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When you think of funky neighborhoods in New York City, Fifth Avenue doesn’t automatically come to mind.  Known as one the best shopping meccas of the world, you just don’t think you’ll see much outside  of the box.  Well that is except on a parade day when Fifth Avenue is transformed into an ethnic cultural oasis or on Easter Sunday when many New Yorkers, moi included, don some vintage or outrageous finery, big bonnet and all and parade up and down those blocks between Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany’s.

Murray was out on Fifth Avenue the other day and he captured some interesting images:

cell phone, iPhone, texting nun, sister

Checking her email?

compact, face powder, nun

Mmmm my nose is shiny!

A Real Live Red-Haired Mannequin

All I can say is I hope he was worth it!

If you’re going to have a Mohawk, might as well be blue!

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