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YES I drove from Guardia Sanframondi in  Campania to  Pescara in Abruzzo by myself!! It was about 144 miles! I am so proud of myself…. Me who was and still is terrified of the narrow village streets and the winding country roads did okay on the autostradas even though I went through tunnels twice as long as the Lincooln tunnel and at 100km.  Joel if you’re listening, your mom drove as fast as 114km, can you believe it?

When I got to Termoli, I was ecstatic thinking, Pescara was just up the coast a bit but no, it was actually another 75 kilometers away and that part of the trip was horrible.When I arrived in Pescara I had no idea as to where the train station was and was lost for awhile and texting with Barbara who was patiently waiting wasn’t helping.  When I got some directions and found it, it was so big and I was on the other side from where she was, I couldn’t pull in because they wanted me to pay for parking.  I texted her I’m near a big black locomotive and a lot of motorcycles – Barbara thought I must be at another station!

By the time we got to Pineto our Airbnb hostess were wondering what happened to us? One didn’t speak English so she had her sister there to explain, however much was left very vague.  We were not exactly sure where the beach was or the grocery store and I was exhausted and not about to get in the car again.  So we ate a light meal of cheese, olives, sausage, and wine.


Tell me that doesn’t look like an Italian repast?

We had a horrible time with WiFi, only Barb was on because one of the women put the password on Her phone before they left.  The next day we had NO 💦 water , so we called.  The next door neighbor said we would have water tomorrow, oh well isn’t that nice?  Roberta ( the English speaking sister) sent another sister over who also spoke English and as she and Lucia (?) arrived the water came back on, Go figure, this is Italy.  But since she was here maybe she could get me on wifi. Turns out the letter that Barbara and both thought was a q was actually an a!

We spent a day exploring the town, having coffee, found an open air market,


We just happened upon this open air market and bought some apricots.

Barb bought an outfit, we had a pretty good meal at a local pizzeria, went grocery shopping.  Still tired from traveling we went to bed kind of early…at 5:45am a rooster started crowing, I thought I was dreaming. I opened my eyes found my glasses and looked at my phone for the time , Geez God! At about 7am the garbage truck came by, at 7:45am the man next door started up his car outside my window and opened his gate to leave.  At 8:00am the church which is about 100 yards away began ringing their 🔔 s.  The clanging went on for over a minute, and it was a Friday morning?? There was no a/c and no screens so we actually slept with the windows open.  Barbara pulled down the metal shade that has tiny air holes in but my room had French doors and a beautiful full sheer blue curtain, so my doors were open and just the curtain hung – by the way there were no bugs whatsoever coming in! Just noise!


This little church made BIG noise! Those 🔔 Bells! The Church Of San Francisco

Hi We thought we would cook dinner since our hostess left us a lb. of pasta and a ajar of pasata which is like tomato purée/sauce but when we tried to turn the stove on, there was no gas! After a phone call to Peter who suggested the gas was not turned on, I realized I had seen two yellow lever like handles under the sink and sure enough, I turned one and whaadayaknow, we had gas

To Be Continued…


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