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Last weekend we had some really welcome weather.  While it was not all that warm or spring-like, it was sunny and not terribly windy.  Ask anyone who lives on the East Coast north of Virginia and they will tell you this has been one hell of a winter.  And it’s not over yet…BUT let’s revisit last Saturday because as I said the weather was just ducky and to bear witness to that I have some really great duck photos for this FAB FOTO FRIDAY.

It was day for serene swim by oneself

A bunch of friends chatting it up

Catching Up

Catching Up

There’s always one show off in the crowd

"How do you like it"?

“How do you like it”?

As soon as the weather warms up, young male duck’s fancy turns to mating??

"I'm The Top Duck Around Here"

“I’m The Top Duck Around Here”

The weather was pleasant but not everyone was feeling pleasant

"What Do You Think You're Doing?"

“What Do You Think You’re Doing?”

Some of the ducks were excited not to have deal with the ice when looking for dinner

A Family That Eats Together Stays Together

A Family That Eats Together Stays Together

This DUCK DUO photo and all the other feathered friends pictures are courtesy of Murray Head

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