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I really like some commercials and I admire clever ad campaigns.  For example, how about the Absolut ad that appeared in the 90’s for years, each one more clever than the one before!  I have a notebook full of Absolut Ads that depict various states, capitols, artists, emotions and ideas!  This was an ad campaign that “had legs” as they say in the industry!  I love the Geico Gecko, well really he is cute! But I hated the Geico cavemen commercials.  Who can forget Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?”  Or Bert and Harry Piels?

Cutesy Cubs

Cutesy Cubs

A couple of years ago, I was (and still am) enamored and enchanted by the Cartier commercial, L’Odeyssee de Cartier.  It is a spectacular piece, (in my opinion) and I’ve actually posted it on my blog previously.  I raved about it to all my friends, much to the chagrin of my friend, Gail, who works for Tiffany’s !! I believe it was beautifully-crafted and targeted to the sophisticated clientele that actually shops at Cartier’s! 

So what the heck is this year’s Cartier Christmas ad?  It is as bad as last years which was almost cartoonish and now this year they have gone all Disney on us!  We see two cute little cubs frolicking in the snow, knocking Cartier’s signature red boxes tumble down from the snow cliffs in the heavens to land under Christmas trees around the world.  I don’t know whether or not Cartier has switched ad agencies  or whether some company has convinced them that their brand is best represented by playfulness rather than mysterious, sexy fantasy which has been the hallmark of Cartier ads for several years.  Cartier jewelry is not playful and it is not inexpensive, hardly the arena for young cub buyers! 

If you haven’t seen this little ditty, take a look at this year’s Christmas ad.


Now watch this one and tell me which one do you think best represents  the Cartier brand?


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