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I really like some commercials and I admire clever ad campaigns.  For example, how about the Absolut ad that appeared in the 90’s for years, each one more clever than the one before!  I have a notebook full of Absolut Ads that depict various states, capitols, artists, emotions and ideas!  This was an ad campaign that “had legs” as they say in the industry!  I love the Geico Gecko, well really he is cute! But I hated the Geico cavemen commercials.  Who can forget Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?”  Or Bert and Harry Piels?

Cutesy Cubs

Cutesy Cubs

A couple of years ago, I was (and still am) enamored and enchanted by the Cartier commercial, L’Odeyssee de Cartier.  It is a spectacular piece, (in my opinion) and I’ve actually posted it on my blog previously.  I raved about it to all my friends, much to the chagrin of my friend, Gail, who works for Tiffany’s !! I believe it was beautifully-crafted and targeted to the sophisticated clientele that actually shops at Cartier’s! 

So what the heck is this year’s Cartier Christmas ad?  It is as bad as last years which was almost cartoonish and now this year they have gone all Disney on us!  We see two cute little cubs frolicking in the snow, knocking Cartier’s signature red boxes tumble down from the snow cliffs in the heavens to land under Christmas trees around the world.  I don’t know whether or not Cartier has switched ad agencies  or whether some company has convinced them that their brand is best represented by playfulness rather than mysterious, sexy fantasy which has been the hallmark of Cartier ads for several years.  Cartier jewelry is not playful and it is not inexpensive, hardly the arena for young cub buyers! 

If you haven’t seen this little ditty, take a look at this year’s Christmas ad.


Now watch this one and tell me which one do you think best represents  the Cartier brand?


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Deutsch: Logo von Cartier

Deutsch: Logo von Cartier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I posted this breathtaking commercial last year and raved about it then.  I noticed that a few readers found that post recently and so just for my own amusement, I opened the link.  Boy was I ever surprised to find that the link changed!  How I don’t know but what was there was a boring interview between two men.  Last night I corrected last year’s post and updated it with the new link.  However, if posting it again will expose this masterpiece to more viewers, I’m happy to post it again. It IS SO WORTH WATCHING!  If you’ve seen it on TV you are only viewing an abbreviated version.  Watch this one.  I am just so amazed by the creativity and production.

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As the holiday season in New York City revs up to full speed, the most popular post in my blog has been Top Ten Things To Do In New  York City During Christmastime– see previous post: Top Ten Things To Do in New York City during Christmastime.  I’ve been looking around and researching what’s happening around town to see if I have missed anything and don’t you know I did discover something!

Turns out that the Citicorp building in midtown is no longer the home to a fantastic adult and child-pleasing train display.  Very disappointing because this Sunday I planned to take Finley to see this wonderful exhibit.  I’m not sure if and where it has moved.

Here’s my 2012 list of suggestions on ways to celebrate the season in New York City.

New York City’s own LITE-BRITE Tree

  1. THE TREE – STILL the number one tourist attraction this time of year and an event televised nationally – The lighting of the Christmas tree in ROCKEFELLER CENTER  a spectacle to behold and free.  Each year I marvel at this monstrous beauty and each year it looks better than the year before.  Walk around the Center, see the ice skaters, better yet, why not rent a pair and join in the fun! 
  2. GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL:  Millions of people have passed through this temple of transportation, so many trips begin and end here!  Walk though this architectural landmark;  View the heavenly ceiling with its golden astrological symbols.  Visit the Transit Museum and Gift Shop (even if you are “only looking”).  There’s always several vintage train sets on display. The Christmas Fair booths in Vanderbilt Hall are great for unusual and unique gifts and there are many retail outlets throughout the Terminal.  If you arrive after 3pm and are sans kids, you might want to have a late afternoon or evening cocktail at The Campbell Apartment.  It has been restored to its original splendor when it was the private office and salon of the 1920’s tycoon John W. Campbell.
  3. THE NUTCRACKER BALLET – You can catch a performance of THE NUTCRACKER at BAM- BROOKLYN ART MUSEUM performed by The American Ballet Company  Very easy to get there by subway or bus.  This year’s show is dazzling and entertaining.  Suitable for children ages 4 yrs and up. It’s a holiday classic.
  4. RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SHOW – But nothing is more classic than going to RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL and seeing the ROCKETTES perform in the annual RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SHOW.  I have been going since I was little;  My grandmother used to take me and as a young girl, I was overwhelmed by the size of the Music Hall and the sweeping grand staircase.  The show is magical, the Rockettes are truly spectacular.  My favorite routine is the Wooden Soldiers. And you can never get tired of watching in awe how those legs just keep high-kicking!  Children love the show, there are two recent pieces done in 3-D and Santa is the host throughout the show.  

    And down they go one by one

    And down they go one by one

  5. WALKING THE WINDOWS –Walking in Midtown Manhattan during this holiday season is one of the best ways to enjoy Christmastime in New York.  On your way to Rockefeller Center, you should plan a walking route that will take you past some of New York’s premier department stores and their breath-taking window displays. The stores to see (and they are all within walking distance of one another) are: Bloomingdale’s* at 59th St/Lexington Ave., SAKS Fifth Avenue at 49th St., Bergdorf Goodman’s on Fifth Ave/58th St., Barney’s on Madison Ave/61st St.  * Bloomingdale’s is a great place for your kids to visit Santa.  ** Not within walking distance  BUT certainly a New York holiday experience is a trip to Macy’s,  the renowned Christmas store in Miracle on 34th Street.
  6. The UNICEF SNOWFLAKE –Strolling along Fifth Avenue in the evening is a treat in itself.  This is the time when the City lights up!  Look up and follow the Star on Fifth Avenue.  Since 1984, the Snowflake has been a holiday tradition. The snowflake was dedicated to Unicef  by the Sotheby family in 2002.  The original snowflake now hangs high above the Beverly Wilshire on Rodeo Drive.  In 2005, a new Snowflake was created by Ingo Maurer of Germany in collaboration with the Baccarat Crystal company.  The Snowflake has 12 double-sided branches, contains 16,000 crystals, is 23 feet wide and over 28 feet high.  Quite amazing!!  And then there’s CARTIER all wrapped up in a big red bow!

    The Unicef Snowflake

    The Unicef Snowflake

  7. SERENDIPTY 3 – FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE! Seriously now, can you imagine just how delicious that is?? No, you can’t.  So you should give yourself a break from site-seeing and go to Serendipity 3 located at 225 East 60th St.  Frozen Hot   Chocolate is a treat not to be missed.
  8. THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART No trip to New York City regardless of the season is complete without a visit to THE MET.  One of the season’s glories is the BAROQUE CHRISTMAS TREE adorned with hand-crafted  Neapolitan  angels and surrounded with the BEST Nativity scene ever.  Hundreds of figures populate various scenes related to the story of The Nativity.  It is truly beautiful!  Note: The entry fee is “what you wish to pay” (really)!
  9. CHRISTMAS MARKETS – There are Christmas markets throughout the City, not as spectacular as those in Germany but they are here.  Check out Union Square, Columbus Circle and Bryant Park for a wide selection of craft items, art, outerwear and gifts of all sizes for all ages.
  10. NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDENS – If you think there’s nothing Christmasy to see at The Botanical Gardens, you’re way wrong!  There is a spectacular Holiday Train exhibit there.  You will marvel at the model trains and landmark replicas.  This exhibit is worth the trip to the Bronx and you can get there by subway and bus.  
    The Holiday Train Exhibit Botanical Gardens

    The Holiday Train Exhibit
    Botanical Gardens

    11. BONUS: GINGERBREAD ADVENTURES – Children explore the spices that make up a classic gingerbread recipe. Kids can step inside a child-sized gingerbread playhouse and also decorate a gingersnap cookie with frosting and candies. All ages will enjoy viewing a display of gingerbread houses made by New York City-area bakers.

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SURREAL may be an understatement for this exquisite commercial!  Can you imagine using that adjective to describe a TV ad?  I can hardly believe I’m writing a blog about it, but I am. 

Cartier has produced a spectacular commercial aptly titled L’Odyssée de Cartier.  Their signature leopard leads the viewer through the evolution of the brand.  Amazingly clever, beautifully executed and besides the captivating images, the soundtrack is an absolutely perfect complement to the film. 

I first saw L’Odyssée as a Youtube video and I’ve embedded that link for your viewing pleasure!  Cartier is running an abbreviated version on a couple of major network shows, but it’s nothing compared to the original. You won’t believe the beauty, the cinematography, the music, the woman, the dress!! And we thought Budweiser made clever Super Bowl ads – yeah right!

I was very disappointed when I saw it on TV.  It was like seeing a movie adapted from a book with half the chapters left out.  See for yourself!

L’Odyssée de Cartier

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It’s been so bloody hot here I thought today’s art work should reflect the mood.  Art is Where You Find It and RED too!

Red plumes, white horses, Central Park carriage horses

Carriage Horses with Red Plumes

The pope, Al Pacino, scarface the movie, Tony Montana, Littel Italy

Only in LIttle Italy

Central Park in the snow, cardinal, red cardinal

This is as good as any place to sit for now

homeless man, streets of New York, recycle cans, American flag

Red is where you find the man who find the cans

crown, tiara, diamond tiara, Cartier,

A Cartier Crown

All photos courtesy of Murray Head.

Murray is a native New Yorker (Brooklyn born), a professional photographer who seemingly effortlessly captures the essence of THE CITY.  It is of course, with great effort,talent and patience that Murray is able to take his photos.

RED IS WHERE YOU FIND IT is a series of snippets of red here and there in and around New York City or wherever Murray and his camera happen to be.

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