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So much to talk about…wasn’t there?  We heard the news, read the newspapers, gathered round the water cooler, telephoned our friends, banged out texts, updated our status on FaceBook.

These are some of the “things” New Yorkers talked about in 2011.  Excerpted from article The 75 Things New Yorkers Talked About in 2011.

There was lots and lots of buzz around town this year;  Baseball, America’s pastime brought fans to their TV’s and knees September 28th as the Yankees lost their chance to be in the World Series.

“Till death do us part” was the new montra of the Gay community when New York legalized Gay marriages.  And then of course there was KK who apparently did not take it too seriously.

For weeks, an obscure park in downtown Manhattan became a tourist mecca and home to the 99%’ers.  Not to mention the Arab Spring when dictators toppled like so many weeble wobbles.

It was as always a memorable year, some awe-inspiring, some laughable.

  • The GOP debates, best reality show not on Bravo
  • Serena Williams had a meltdown at the US Open
  • Kate Middleton‘s wedding gown
  • Meryl Streep, nailing the accent perfectly (once again) in Iron Lady
  • A hearty farewell to Bin Laden, Quadaffi and Kim Jong-il
  • Anthony Weiner resigns after Tweeted naked photos of him surface
  • The 10th anniversary of 9/11
  • Andy Rooney signs off for the last time
  • The up-to-12 hour waits to see a naked Marina Abramovic at MOMA
  • Planking
  • The Netflix debacle
  • Keith Oberman leaves MSNBC, joins Current TV and is never heard from again
  • Chas Bono on DWTS – a transgender star is born
  • Oprah takes a year and three finale shows to say goodbye
  • The 2 day waits to buy iPad2
  • Elizabeth Taylor passes.  Her gowns and jewelry bring $156M much going to AIDS research
  • The heat wave in July, the hurricane in August, blizzard in October-Mother Nature is angry
  • Splits: Arnold and Maria, Ashton and Demi, Scarlett and Ryan
  • The best moment of the debates – “Oops”
  • Al Sharpton gets a TV show on MSNBC
  • Steve Jobs dies and people learn about his death on their iPhones.

    The red "GOP" logo used by the party...

    New Reality TV Show

  • Regis Philbin calls it quits after 28 years
  • The Alexander McQueen show at the Met, almost as popular at King Tut
  • Cathie Black’s shocking short stint as New York schools chancellor

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