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Anyone who knows us, knows that we are collectors.  And we don’t collect new things, only old things.  Our home is filled with vintage furniture, turn-of-the-century games, antique books, collectibles from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Sometimes I think we are recreating our childhood, sometimes I think we are archiving our generation, sometimes I think we are frustrated dealers.   But most of the time when I look around the apartment I see beautifully designed objects, relics of my youth, and also some obsolete objects which I believe makes them all that more collectible.  Luckily this concept pertains to “smalls” as they are known in the trade.  As I said, we collect things that I see on the website Old Dusty Things.  In fact I think we could be their poster child.

I don’t want to collect obsolete new things, I’ll leave that to  Gen X and Y.   I guess they might collect a Nokia cell phone from 20 years ago  or a 1st generation Kindle,  an early MAC. and a Pac Man game cartridge.  I’ve done a couple of blogs about words and phrases that have fallen from our vocabulary or rather not our vocabulary but their vocabulary.  I hear these phrases in old movies and I remember homilies my mother used to say to me.  They’re gone really, and won’t return.

This blog  came about when my husband showed me something he had squirreled away someplace and he asked me if I knew what it was.  How silly, of course I know what it is but do you?

More than a pencil

More than a pencil

I would love to hear from my readers;  what do you think this is?  If you are over the age of 55, you probably know so don’t post the answer right away.  I do have some Generation X and Y followers, we want to hear from you!

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And it goes like this:  ” One is nice, two makes a pair and three makes a collection!  And then some…. I think we have collections that have collections!.  Some people come in and marvel at the sheer number of things we’ve managed to have, hold, and display in one apartment!  Most others always ask, “How do you dust all this stuff”?  I never answer them.

I have a category in this blog called Peter Coddles and it is supposed to be about antiques, collectibles, nostalgia and to  feature some of the many collections Peter and I have.  I’ve been really derelict about posting in this area and not sure why.  I LOVE my collections and I LOVE the stuff Peter collects, or well most of it anyway but that’s another story. Peter Coddles is also the name of our antique business.

Anyway, Murray came over the house the other day to photograph Peter’s collection of Peter Coddles Trip to New York vintage games.  This is a collection I’m particularly fond of because when I met Peter 20 years ago, he had ONE game and over the years   I bought him many various versions as presents.  We believe  he has the complete collection because for years now, we’ve not seen or found one that he doesn’t already own.  It’s really hard to display everything and especially vintage games.  We do have a few in a frame but most of the others are in drawers and boxes so by having Murray photograph them all, Peter is going to make a book.  Great idea!

 The game itself is an early 19th century parlor game.  It’s kind of the prequel to Mad Libs.  There are a lot of cards with random words on them and as the storyteller reads aloud from a booklet, whenever there is a blank in the sentence, one of the other players draws a card and reads the word to complete the sentence.  Peter Coddles is a farmer, country boy, a hick and he has decided to take a trip to the big City!  He runs into all sorts of things and predicaments. Of course you know the story can never makes any sense and induces gales of giggles all around.  Being a boomer from the last century, it just occurred to me that this game might be hysterical if everyone was stoned.  Oh well, that was certainly not the idea behind the original  innocence of this game, but it is something to consider.

Peter Coddle’s Trip to New York

St. Nicholas Series-Peter Coddles

Peter Coddles Trip to New York

Peter Coddles Trip to New York

Peter Coddles – This ONE was the first in the collection

Peter Codles Trip to New York-later edition

Peter Coddles & His Trip to New York

All photos courtesy of Murray Head

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The front of a used Mark Six ticket

Did You Win?

I’m a collector, my husband is a collector and so you can only envision the stuff in our home. Or can you?  A while ago I did a blog post about my Flamingo collection which I refer to as kitschy.  See link:  https://pbenjay.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/florida-kitsch-is-cool/.  Oh the collections we have!!! Just to name a few;  There are hood ornaments, old radios, character watches, Old Maid games, Peter Coddles games, vintage Mah Jongg sets, vintage advertising characters, antique books on New York City, Pez, bakelite figural napkin rings, vintage laundry soap boxes, vintage marbles…. I probably better not go too much further or you will know for sure just how crazy we are!

And all this prologue is to introduce Thursday’s Top Ten crazy collections and the moniker to describe their collectors.

    1. Sucrologist:  Collect those little sugar packets you find in restaurants.
    2. Deltiologists:  Collect postcards, derived from the Greek word deltos meaning writing tablet – uh oh, I’m one of those too.
    3. Vexillophiles:  Collect and display flags
    4. Lotologists:  Collect new and used lottery tickets
    5. Panna pictagraphists: Collecting comic books (there’s one for Peter)
    6. Helixophiles:  Collect corkscrews (need a lot of room for the rabbits)
    7. Tyrosemiophiles:  Collect cheese labels
    8. Arctophiles:  Collect Teddy Bears
    9. Brandophilists:  Collect cigar labels (got to go to Havana)
    10. Labeorphilists:  Collect beer bottles

Thank you Gail for bringing this madness to my attention!!

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Chiara Clark, Frankie, Francesca Clark, St. Thomas Moore RC church

Francesca's Christening

My beautiful daughter and her baby girl, Francesca.  Today was the day of Frankie’s baptism and she seems concerned as to what’s going happen next.  The water was bad enough!!!

The Christening gown that Francesca is wearing was worn by her sister, Finley Ray last year and by her mother Chiara, 34 years ago.  In 1977 I purchased the gown from an antique dealer I knew who dealt in vintage baby clothes.  At that time, she said the gown was 50 years old.

It was thrilling for me to see this beautiful piece of antique linen, a family heirloom now, worn by the youngest family member. And isn’t she just beautiful too?


St Thomas Moore RC church, Frankie, Francesca Clark, Chiara Clark

I'm not a donut, why are you dunking me?

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